This Rescue Sails Under the Union Jack

Over at Refunk My Junk, Hayden tells us, “This dresser was sitting out on trash day at my neighbors house.  I yelled for my hubby and he helped me tote it over to be refinished–with a color twist.”

Refunk My Junk union jack dresser before

Hayden had been toying with the thought of trying her hand at a Union Jack motif, and this dresser seemed like the perfect canvas for her own take on the British flag.  She painted over the old finish first with CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White, then taped off the stripes of the flag.  After taping, she added coats of light and dark gray to created a grayed-down version of the Union Jack.  It’s almost like seeing it in a black and white photo–cool effect, right?

Refunk My Junk union jack dresser after

Find out more about the paints and colors Hayden used for this dresser rescue at Refunk My Junk.

Upcycled Sweater Turns into Autumn Art

This faded orange cable knit sweater was headed for the rag bag when Nici rescued it from a yard sale, along with an embroidery hoop.  She used both castoffs to make some delightful fall decor over at Posed Perfection.

Posed Perfection sweater before

First, Nici created a cardboard template the size of her embroidery hoop.  She covered it with quilt batting for some extra fluff, and topped that with a circle cut from the cable knit sweater.  It took some muscle, but Nici got the outside hoop over everthing and tied off the top with a jute “stem.”  Adorable!

Posed Perfection sweater after

View a detailed tutorial for this project at Posed Perfection.

Reusing Household Items to Create Charming Fall Decor

Over at her blog, Homework, Carolyn has been adding a touch of woodland whimsy to her Fall decor.  Loving the look of little mushrooms in the woods, she crafted this darling display using items from around her house.

Homework birch branches before

To make these mushrooms, Carolyn cut down a few birch branches she’s been saving and decorating with for several years.  She used styrofoam egg cups to make the mushroom caps, covering them with circles of quilt batting.  She “planted” the mushrooms in a faux-aged terra cotta dish, and arranged moss around them.  Aren’t they adorable?  Such a fun, new take on Autumn decorating!

Homework birch branches after

Get more details on this project at Homework.

A Broken Chair Gets a Little Vanity Treatment

At Thrifty Treasures, Sara has had this broken, curbside find chair sitting in her basement for well over a month.  Despite the broken back, it was sturdy, and she loved the legs.  Sara tells us, that the inspiration for this rescue struck, “As I was browsing some of the link parties the other day, I saw a vanity seat that looked just like a chair with its back cut off.”

Thrifty Treasures vanity seat before

That was all the prodding she needed to give this old chair a new purpose.  Sarah cut down the back of the chair, and painted it white.  She made a new seat, and covered it with a pretty, celery green embroidered upholstery.  Now that broken chair is just as pretty as can be!

Thrifty Treasures vanity seat after

Find out more about this repurposed chair at Thrifty Treasures.

Pretty End Table Gets Saved from the Landfill

When Design It Girl, Nicole, came across this marble topped end table, it was about to be tossed.  “A company that was selling vintage pieces (in not so great shape) was relocating their store, and they had so many pieces, they didn’t want to bother moving.”  Nicole salvaged this table and several other pieces.

Design It Girl end table before

While this table was showing some age with a dated finish, it was still sturdy with good bones.  She repainted it using a pale blue from Valspar’s line of spray paints.  A little bit of java glaze applied after the paint brought out some of the carved details on this piece.  Nicole restored the original hardware from this piece, and reattached it once she’d finished painting.  With the marble top and golden drawer pulls, doesn’t this piece have a new air of elegance?

Design It Girl end table after

Read more details on this rescued end table at Design It Girl.

There Was Something Fishy About This Tray Makeover

Over at Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna was sad to see her elderly neighbor move.  But, she tells us, “As Mrs. Ruth was moving, she decided she wanted me to have some things she no longer needed. This tray, along with many pieces of furniture, blue mason jars and other numerous treasures, was one of those things. She is just too sweet.”

Rain on a Tin Roof tray before

Jenna was excited to have a tray for her kitchen, but the fish had to go!  The first step was giving the tray a cleansing coat of glossy white spray paint.  Buh-bye, fish!  Next, Jenna tried out Frog Tape’s chevron strip tape, taping off stripes across the tray.  After that, she sprayed the tray again with a navy blue gloss.  Pulling off the chevron tape revealed this preppy navy blue and white chevron stripe.  Delightful!

Rain on a Tin Roof tray after

Find out more about this tray transformation at Rain on a Tin Roof.

That 70’s Door Becomes His & Hers Wall Art

I guess today is officially Rescue a Cabinet Door Day here at Roadkill Rescue!  Our second cabinet rescue (see the first here) comes to us from Elisha of Pneumatic Addict.  Her husband works in the construction business, and sometimes when he’s working remodels, he gets to bring home a few leftovers.  That’s how this dated cabinet door ended up at Elisha’s house.

Pneumatic Addict cabinet door before

“I loved it right away, but wasn’t sure what to do with it,” she confesses. “So it has sat in a dark corner of my room for two years. Finally, I looked at it one day and made up my mind. It was going over my bed.”  Since Elisha really liked the dark molding on the white door, she left that as it was, but added some pretty, blue stripes to the inside of the decorative molding.  She cut ovals out of wood veneer, and decoupaged the titles “Mr. & Mrs.” onto them, attaching them to the striped parts of the door.  Talk about a delightful addition to the master bedroom!

Pneumatic Addict cabinet door after

Get more details on this fun cabinet door wall art at Pneumatic Addict.

Free Cabinet Door Becomes an Entryway Table

This cabinet door was a find from the “Free” section of Craigslist.  When Cara of Craft Dictator saw it, she had an “Aha!” moment, and realized it would make a great tabletop.

Craft Dictator cabinet door before

Cara had some excellent help from her mom on this project.  Her mom built a simple frame to serve as a base for the cabinet door tabletop.  They added spindles for legs.  The table was painted black, with the addition of white stripes to create a chevron patterned top.  Cara placed the table in her entry–doesn’t it look terrific?

Craft Dictator cabinet door after

Find out more about how this old cupboard door become a fully functional table at Craft Dictator.