Design Dining Diapers pallet before

Pallet Media Center

When Taryn at Design, Dining + Diapers redesigned her family room recently, she had a limited budget but knew she needed a lot of storage.  Aiming for something with a rustic look, she figured out how to make this gorgeous storage system from reclaimed wood.
Todd & Lindsey tree skirt before

DIY Upcycled Tree Skirt

Over at Todd & Lindsey's house, the newlyweds are preparing for their first Christmas as a married couple.  The decorating budget is pretty tight, but Lindsey was creative enough to figure out how to turn a stained tree skirt and an old sheet into a brand new tree skirt!
The Weathered Door chair before

Refinished Chair

When a family friend told Reeves they had some furniture in their garage they were going to get rid of, she went right over to take it off their hands.  Reeves, who blogs at The Weathered Door, took the unwanted furniture home and gave it some TLC.
Art Is Beauty before

Rescued Red Buffet

Karin at Art Is Beauty was out with her girlfriends for a birthday lunch when she spotted an old dresser at the side of a city street.  Her friends were nice enough to help her load it up into the back of the minivan and bring it home, where Karin gave it a new life.
Homa Style finial pumpkins

Finial Stemmed Pumpkins

Here's a nifty idea for fall decor using upcycled drapery finials from Jeannette at Homa Style.  Jeannette brought home some pumpkins/gourds this fall.  None of the three had stems.  Jeannette decided it would be fun to top the pumpkins with her collection of finials.
Frugal Ain't Cheap canvas dropcloth before

Dropcloth Coasters

At Frugal Ain't Cheap, Daniela says she has a lot of canvas dropcloth sitting around in her house.  Dropcloth is great for protecting surfaces while you're painting, but there's no need to throw it out when the paint project is complete.  Daniela used some of her dropcloth to make these coasters.