Fun with Milk Cartons


“My daughter was playing with her shoes box pretending it was a house,” says The Happy Creations, explaining the inspiration behind these adorable doll houses made from milk cartons.

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Backyard Play Kitchen


Over at Boxy Colonial, Gretchen and her husband had the inspired idea to create an outdoor kitchen just for their kids. This was a recycling-heavy project that is going to provide many hours of fun for a very low cost!

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Grocery Store Play Area from an Antique Armoire

Inspired Whimsy store before

This Christmas, Kristen from Inspired Whims presented her daughter with a completely adorable gift that she crafted from a beautiful antique mahogany wardrobe.  The wardrobe was a $20 Craigslist find.

Inspired Whimsy store before

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Kids Play Teepee

dress to teepee

Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery had a full skirted maxi dress in the back of her closet that rarely saw the light of day. Shari says, “It fits me like a tent anyway so why not just let it become one.” Literally! Sheri turned her barely worn dress into a quick and simple tot {…Read More…}

Vintage Play Kitchen


Andrea from Queen B and Me rescued this vintage play kitchen from the demolition pile at her parent’s house. Andrea’s father had intended to refinish it for her daughter but obviously had abandoned the project.  Andrea decided to take on the goopy layers of paint and peeling laminate counter. The job required hours of sanding {…Read More…}

Play Ice Cream Parlor

Holly from My Sister’s Suitcase shares a fun repurpose project that started with a yard sale changing table. Holly’s daughter loves ice cream, so creating her very own parlor seemed the perfect way to upcycle the table. Holly went all out creating this ice cream parlor for her adorable daughter. You’ll just have to go {…Read More…}

Playroom Toy Storage System

Kelli from The Unfinished Room had been hanging on to cubbies from a demolished elementary school for a long time. She was waiting for the day when she’d find the perfect use for them. The day finally arrived when her father-in-law gave her an old medicine from a doctor’s office that was dump-bound. Put them {…Read More…}