Marbled Tin Can Luminaries for Summer Evenings

Are you opening any cans for dinner tonight? Amanda from Dwelling in Happiness turned hers into a set of colorful marbled luminaries that look amazing when the sun goes down! (Actually, they look amazing when the sun it up, too.) She shared her project at Juggling Act Mama and says, "These luminaries are perfect for hanging around the patio, lit up along stairs, or sitting on outdoor tables."

Upcycled Cinco de Mayo Decor

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! That's the 5th of May for my friends who no hablo espanol. I found a quick and easy upcycling project that's perfect for decoration any fiesta or adding a shot of color to the tabletop on Taco Tuesday, posted by Brie at Like the Cheese.

Painted Tin Can Planters

Rebecca blogs at The Crafted Sparrow. Lately her husband has been bringing home large tin cans from his restaurant when they get thrown away. "I love the idea of re-using them, but I just couldn't look at the boring tin cans anymore," Rebecca admits.
Marisa Howard Design containers before

Tin Can Craft Organizers

"I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to be creative when my office is a mess," confesses Marisa of Marisa Howard Design.  "I’ve found that I like small containers that I can have quick access to.  These small tin cans that would have normally gone into the recycling box, work perfectly as craft containers." Marisa Howard Design containers before

Embellished Tin Cans

You may remember the aqua tequila bottle and tin can that Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage blinged out with jewelry this summer. They got a lot of love over here on Roadkill Rescue. Well, after that lovely repurpose, Shannon still had tin cans aplenty that were patiently awaiting their makeovers. 401px-Empty_tin_can2009-01-19

Tin Can Lanterns

When hosting a summer party, Elise from Grow Creative decked out her backyard with beautiful lanterns made from recycled tin cans. Elise froze her cans first to better hold their shape as she punched away with a hammer and nails.