Thrift Store Table Gets “Succulent” New Look


At Crap I’ve Made, Char was shopping at the thrift store with her mom when they happened upon this teak table for a steal of a deal. It had great bones but needed a little love, or as Char puts it, “child labor.”

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DIY Tiffany Lamp

Suzy's Sitcom lamp before

At Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom, Suzy tells about what went through her mind when she first saw this lamp at a thrift store.  “To the average person, this might look like a piece of 80’s furniture that needs to be put firmly in the back of the attic, but to me…I see awesome potential.  I see a Tiffany lamp!”

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Distressed White Table

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection has been on the lookout for tables to refab for her living room and master bedroom. She stumbled upon this beat up table at an estate sale for only five bucks. It was solid and a nice size, so why not take a shot at it? The table’s makeover included textured {…Read More…}

Glazed Accent Table


Amy from Junque Chic 5 found this table at her local thrift store. I really like the interesting octagon shape of the table and base and all the detail work. Can you believe that base is actually made of plastic though? After a thorough scrubbing, Amy primed and painted the table. She then applied a {…Read More…}

Decorative Chalkboard

Tammi from Eleventh House found this wood piece leaning on a wall in the thrift store. She asked about and was told she could have it for only two bucks. Score! Tammi wasn’t really sure what it was originally but knew exactly what she had in store for it. When Tammi was a child, one {…Read More…}

Distressed Greek Blue Desk

Bonnie from a wee Meenit was driving by her favorite thrift store when she saw this desk sitting out front. She hadn’t planned on stopping in but couldn’t pass up the deal that surely awaited her. At seven dollars, the desk was indeed a bargain! It was also the perfect specimen for trying out the {…Read More…}