T-Shirt Crochet Rug

tshirt yarn

Crochet is not just for your grandma anymore, and as ChiWei from One Dog Woof shows, it’s not limited to store-bought yarn either. Yarn made from upcycled t-shirts is easy on the wallet and irresistibly soft and comfy.

tshirt yarn

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T-Shirt Shag Rug

Molly Kay Stoltz has a knack for creating beautiful items from old t-shirts. From all her work creating eco-friendly scarves from t-shirts, Molly has tons of t-shirts scraps around her apartment. Of course, she couldn’t let them go to waste. Molly upcycled all those t-shirt snippets into a colorful shag rug. Since it’s made from {…Read More…}

T-Shirt Light Cover

I know we’ve all got about a million old t-shirts lurking in the corners of our drawers and closets. Why not upcycle them into a fun light cover like Jade from The Jaderbomb Blog? This project involves cutting the shirts into strips and then weaving them together with a hula hoop to create a cone-shaped {…Read More…}

Woven T-Shirt Chair

This trashed chair was headed for the burn pile before Amanda from Soulemama worked her magic on it.  Even though her husband and parents begged for it to be torched  Soulemama rescued it from its dreadful demise and proved to her family that it still had some life left in it. She tried this amazing {…Read More…}