Old Sweaters Become a Wintry Wreath

At Design, Dining + Diapers, Taryn found these sweaters on a 50% clearance at…wait for it…Goodwill.  At a price she couldn’t refuse, Taryn took them home for a cold winter’s night of crafting.

Design Dining Diapers sweaters before

And that night of crafting produced a cozy sweater wreath.  For the base of the sweater, Taryn used a large straw wreath.  She cut one of the sweaters into wide strips, and wrapped those around the wreath form.  She made a bow from the collar of the sweater.  The finished wreath isn’t just lovely, it’s extremely versatile.  It works not just for Christmas, but for all of the winter holidays.  Great job, Taryn!

Design Dining Diapers sweaters after

See the tutorial for this sweater wreath at Design, Dining + Diapers.

Lemonade from Lemons in the Summer, Mittens from Old Sweaters in the Winter

Over at Craft Cravings, the cooler weather of Fall has been making Heather think about getting ready for winter.  One of her winter readiness projects has been turning old sweaters into cozy mittens.


For this pair, Heather used a cute fleece sweater, but I can see how this tutorial would be perfect for cable knit or cashmere sweaters, too.  She created a simple mitten pattern by tracing her own hand.  She lined up the mitten pattern so that the top of the mitten (the opening for the hand) would line up with the hem of the sweater, saving her a sewing step!  After cutting out both sides of the mitten, Heather matched them together and sewed a simple seam.  Easy peasy!  I love the possibilities with this project.


Learn more about this sweater upcycle at Craft Cravings.

Upcycled Sweater Turns into Autumn Art

This faded orange cable knit sweater was headed for the rag bag when Nici rescued it from a yard sale, along with an embroidery hoop.  She used both castoffs to make some delightful fall decor over at Posed Perfection.

Posed Perfection sweater before

First, Nici created a cardboard template the size of her embroidery hoop.  She covered it with quilt batting for some extra fluff, and topped that with a circle cut from the cable knit sweater.  It took some muscle, but Nici got the outside hoop over everthing and tied off the top with a jute “stem.”  Adorable!

Posed Perfection sweater after

View a detailed tutorial for this project at Posed Perfection.

Baby Clothes from a Sweater

Over at Awesome Sauce & Asshattery, Sheri has some great ideas for upcycling old adult clothing into kids’ clothing.  For instance, she used a single sweater to make four funky new clothing items for her little one.

Sheri went at this chunky cable knit sweater with scissors, cutting it into pieces.  What emerged were toddler sized versions of leggings, a tunic, a hat, and another matching hat for mom!  These are one-of-a-kind pieces, and it’s great to see how many more uses Sheri is going to be able to get from that sweater.

Check out Sheri’s instructions for making these clothing items at Awesome Sauce & Asshattery.

Argyle Sweater Pillow

Jenny from DIY Newlyweds was inspired by all the sweater pillows floating around to make one of her own. She started with an old argyle sweater that had been hanging out in her Goodwill pile.

sweater to pillow

I love how Jenny utilized the argyle print and added the cute rosette from the excess fabric. This is a great way to reuse old sweaters as you pack away your winter clothes. You can also be on the lookout for cute, cheap sweaters at your local thrift store. From prints to solids to chunky knits, there are tons of options out there to fit your style!


Get the tutorial at DIY Newlyweds.