Discarded Pendant Light Makes a Perfect Terrarium

Rappsody in Rooms pendant lamp before

When Megan from Rappsody in Rooms found this pendant light, she was thrilled.  ”The shape was the to die for (hello hexagons!). However, the electrical was on the fritz,” she says.  ”I kept the fixture around, waffling on whether I want to rewire it (a new lighting kit would do the trick) or turn it into something unexpected.”

Rappsody in Rooms pendant lamp before

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Old Colander Becomes a Planter

The Happy Housie colander before

Krista of The Happy Housie pulled this old colander out of the free pile at her friend’s garage sale.  ”She told me that she had used it in her garden and that got my ol’ wheels spinning,” Krista said.  ”I was planning to tackle the deck this weekend so I thought that it had great potential as a little planter for some Hens ’n’ Chicks that I wanted to repot.”

The Happy Housie colander before

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Tin Can Succulent Garden

Eliza K tin can before

Here’s a quick and easy upcycling project from Eliza of Eliza K.  You should have most of the materials you need for this right on hand–especially if you’ve warmed up any canned soup, lately.

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Reclaimed Fence Wood Planter

windows and more[3]

Gail from My Repurposed Life brought home a sweet little stash of goodies after visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Nashville. Shutters, windows, fence posts… Ooolala! When entrusted to sustain some succulents until she could get them to her daughter, Gail turned to those old fence posts to create a rustic planter. She even repurposed {…Read More…}

Succulent Wagon Planter

The gardening gurus over at Far Out Flora are full of all kinds of fun ideas for dressing up your outdoor space. Megan shares how she created a succulent planter full of old-school style from an old Radio Flyer wagon. This idea has me thinking of the myriad of objects that could be turned into {…Read More…}

Pallet Succulent Table

You may know that I have big plans for my outdoor space this summer and have been chompin’ at the bit to get at it! I am even more motivated after seeing this outdoor table from Matti at Far Out Flora. It provides function and beauty, and it all started with a couple of rundown {…Read More…}

Tree Stump Planter

Courtney from Courtney Out Loud was out for a walk with his pooch when the duo found a tree stump sitting curbside, free for the taking. Scruffy was actually the one to zero in on the stump with his “uncanny eye for design.” Courtney loved the shape of the stump and interesting knothole in the {…Read More…}

Succulents Garden Dresser

Curt and Jessica from Grizzly Bear Modern recently bought a new home and found a hardwood dresser stashed in the garage. Curt knew right away that he could find a cool use for it. And he definitely didn’t disappoint. Curt was driven by his love of succulents to create a tiered garden out of the {…Read More…}