Wunderbar Upcycle for Antique Measuring Cup

Ronja from Nur Noch used her “daughterly charms” to walk away from her dad’s antique stash with this amazingly cool rusty metal 1950s measuring cup. When she couldn’t remove all the rust, she decided it was time for the cup to embrace a new life as a funky, functional planter.


She painted the body white and the foot yellow, then hit on the idea of stripes. Ronja says, “I measured the length and the circumference of the measuring cup, glued tape on transparent foil, drew eight of these stripes on it and cut them out.” Then she glued the tape stripes on the cup, painted the whole thing yellow, and removed the tape just before the tape was completely dry. I love how cheerful this looks!

upcycled-metal-measuring-cup-striped-planterTo read more about this makeover, visit Ronja at Nur Noch.


Tea Cart Makeover

At Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna was delighted when friends passed along this tea trolley to her.  “Don’t you just love friends who give you their junk?” she laughs.  The cart was a bit rusty and dirty, but Jenna could see the potential.


After cleaning and sanding the cart, Jenna spray painted it white.  Next, she taped off some simple stripes for a subtle plaid pattern, and gave the cart a coat of black paint.  Once the paint was peeled away, the striking white stripes made a nice contrast against the glossy black of the cart.  Jenna suggests watching for metal carts like this one when you are out thrifting.  “These carts are great for craft stations, drink carts or just extra storage around the house,” she points out.


See the full makeover at Rain on a Tin Roof.

No-Sew Polo Shirt to Skirt

Want to learn how to turn a man’s polo shirt into an adorable skirt for a little girl, without ANY sewing?  Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom started this project with a green and white striped polo shirt.


To make this refashion completely no-sew, Jamie used a fabric bonding glue.  She cut of the top of the shirt, so she was left with just the part without sleeves.  Since the shirt was already hemmed, all Jamie had to do was put in a drawstring waistband.  Isn’t it so cute?


Visit Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom to see the full tutorial for this shirt to skirt refashion.

Toy Box Transformation

Over at Nicer Than New, a client  dropped off a toy box that had long lost its purpose and asked Joan to do something with it.  ” After seeing a photo of her living room,
I was inspired to try my hand at painting a Union Jack,” Joan says.


The cute mural that was painted on the toy box had quite a bit of texture, so a good bit of sanding was required.  After painting the box white, Joan taped off the distinctive diagonal stripes of Britain’s flag, painting them red and blue.  To finish the new look and give the piece an industrial vibe, Joan added caster wheels.


Make sure you visit Nicer Than New to learn Joan’s secret for painting crisp stripes like these!

Adorable Tin Can Desk Organizer

When Christine from I Dig Pinterest needed a portable solution for keeping school supplies contained and organized, she looked to her recycling bin.  She pulled out some tin cans and got to work.


After washing the cans and removing labels, Christine made sure that there were no sharp edges on her cans.  She painted each of them a happy color using acrylic paint.  For added whimsy, she painted stripes polka dots on some of her cans, too.  When the paint had dried, she stacked them together pyramid style and used hot glue as an adhesive.  Then it was time to fill the new organizer with all of the colorful school supplies.  “I love it when functional meets cute!” Christine says happily.


Click over to I Dig Pinterest to view a tutorial for this project.

Garden Bench Rescued from the Forest

This old bench was rescued from the back of my mom’s flower garden right before it completely slipped away into the forest never to be seen again!” says Amy at Joyful Daisy.  “I am truly amazed what an afternoon with spray paint can do.”


After pulling the bench out of the undergrowth and cleaning off the layer of moss that covered it, Amy gave it a coat of primer.  For some added whimsy, Amy decided to paint the bench in turquoise and white stripes.  Accessories like a colorful birdhouse and pillows completed the transformation.  What a beautiful addition to the garden!


Visit Joyful Daisy to learn Amy’s tips for painting stripes on a garden bench.

Painted Tin Can Planters

Rebecca blogs at The Crafted Sparrow.  Lately her husband has been bringing home large tin cans from his restaurant when they get thrown away. “I love the idea of re-using them, but I just couldn’t look at the boring tin cans anymore,” Rebecca admits.


To spice up those boring tin cans, Rebecca decided to paint them, then use them for planters.  Stripes of bright summer colors definitely make these planters pop on her porch!  Rebecca also painted gold stripes on the cans, which really add a modern vibe.


If you love Rebecca’s idea as much as I do and want to see more pretty photos of how she used these cans inside as well as outside, visit her at The Crafted Sparrow.

A Pair of Louis Chairs Made New

When Dena from Hearts and Sharts told her realtor than a basement workshop was a must for her–since she loves refinishing furniture–her realtor was quick to offer her some of the furniture languishing in her own basement.  So….this project is courtesy Dena’s real estate agent, who passed along these Louis chairs.


The chairs were in good condition, but they’d left their sense of style a couple of decades back.  Dena painted them glossy white.  She reupholstered them in gray and white twill, but mixed up the patterns, using both traditional damask and more modern awning stripes.  Double welt piping took her reupholstery job to the next level.  Aren’t these chairs gorgeous?


Click over to Hearts and Sharts to learn more about these refabbed Louis chairs.