What to Do with Extra Drawers

Rustic Pig drawers before

Here at Roadkill Rescue, we sometimes see dressers with missing drawers that force crafty people to get creative.  Today, Claire from Rustic Pig Designs shares her solution to the opposite problem: using drawers when there isn’t a dresser.  I think you’ll agree her solution is fabulous!

Rustic Pig drawers before

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Upcycled Diaper Boxes

No 29 Design boxes before

At No. 29 Design, the homeowners have been working on getting their pantry organized.  When they needed some large bins for extra storage, they realized that the diaper boxes they were about to recycle were the perfect size.

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Doors Repurposed to Storage

House of Joyful Noise doors before

This project, from Laura at House of Joyful Noise, started out with two things:  a pile of shoes and some old doors.  Laura’s busy family needed a place to corral the many pairs of shoes that were getting left beside the door.   She and her husband came up with the brilliant idea to use old doors to make a storage box that is both useful and beautiful.

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Recycled Tuna Box

Organized 31 before 2

Susan came across this empty box on the shelves at her local grocery store.  She felt a little silly admitting it, but there was something about the size and shape that really appealed to her, so she brought it home along with her groceries and set about finding a good use for it.  It took Susan–who blogs at Organized 31–a few months, but she finally realized that it could be used for holding CD’s and DVD’s.

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Headboard to Storage Shelf


When Janel of Nellie Bellie laid eyes on this solid headboard that her husband lugged home from the curb, she didn’t have thoughts of refabbing it for her master bedroom. No siree, instead she saw an organization station for her office.


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Back-to-School Door Organizer

shutter door

Back-to-school means a flurry of papers, supplies, and busy schedules. Luckily, there are some frugal ideas out there for beating the back-to-school frenzy. Jamie from Creating Really Awesome Free Things shares on Homes.com how she created a organizational center for “all things kid and school” from a thrifted shutter door. Jamie first prettied up her {…Read More…}

Reclaimed Wood Ladder Shelf

After demolishing her old garage, Jenn from A Jennuine Life had a supply of reclaimed wood just waiting to be turned into something fabulous. You know that wood worn to perfection by the weather is something to get excited about! Jenn had plans for the pile of boards to become a rustic ladder shelf for {…Read More…}

Rustic Crate Table


Leslie from Sweet Sweet Simplicity transformed a shipping crate she got from a friend into a gorgeous and functional piece of furniture in just a few simple steps. Leslie stained the crate a rich red mahogany and then simply added casters. I love the rustic look and storage capabilities of repurposing a shipping crate. Plus, {…Read More…}