A Witch’s Broom from Yard Debris

At her blog, What Rose Knows, Rose share a tutorial for a pretty authentic looking witch’s broom.  Authentic enough that you’d think Rose waited around last Halloween to snag one from a passing witch!  All kidding aside, she was able to put this together for free using materials from nature.


“f you have access to a wooded area, go for walk and collect downed tree branches and sticks! The kids will have a great time gathering the best looking branches,” Rose suggests.  She selected a particularly knotty branch that was longer and thicker than the others to serve as the broom handle.  Then, Rose gathered the smaller sticks in a bundle at one end of her handle and wrapped duct tape around them to keep them in place.  She covered the tape with twine and placed the rustic broom out on her porch with the other Halloween decorations.  Awesome!


Learn more about this project by visiting What Rose Knows.


Christmas Tree Topper from Sticks

Kim from Too Much Time On My Hands has a unique tree topper that she crafted from sticks that she and her kids collected one day on a hike.  That’s right–sticks! Totally free for the taking and no need to run to the crafts store for those babies!

With the addition of some twine and chicken wire, Kim crafted a rustic star that is just perfect for the top of her tree.  I like that Kim didn’t just stop when she’d formed the sticks and twine into a star.  The addition of the chicken wire adds some visual interest and gives the star a little more oomph.  Great idea, Kim!

You can learn how to make this topper and find out more about the tree it went onto at Too Much Time on My Hands.