Old Stool Gets a New Finish

This old stool was languishing at a garage sale, unsold.  Needless to say, Holly walked away with it for free and blogged about it’s transformation at McCall Manor.


It was evident that this stool had spent time in a smoker’s home.  Holly knew that the only hope for it was a good coat or two of paint and possibly time out of doors.  She chose to coat it with milk paint, mixed in a lovely shade of green.  It’s cute as can be now, out on her front porch.


Find out which brand (and color) of milk paint Holly used by visiting McCall Manor.

Yardstick Stool

When KariAnne of Thistlewood Farm found a whole bunch of yardsticks at a thrift store, she brought them home and made a list of all the ways she might use them.  First project on her list was making this fun yardstick stool.

All it took was a cute, chippy red footstool she already had and some of those yardsticks to make a bench with tons of character.  I adore that yardstick topped seat–I can think of so many fun places to use this!  It’s perfect for back to school decor, Christmas, Valentine’s Day….too cute!

Visit Thistlewood Farm to see how KariAnne made this stool.

Weathered Counter Step Stool

Lindy from Cottage Hill was thrilled when her mom gave her a little step stool that had been built by her father decades before. Lindy’s father has since passed, so she was glad to have this little piece of her parent’s history.

Step stool

Lindy didn’t want to hide all the layers of paint on the stool but instead reveal them. To achieve the look she wanted, Lindy painted on stripper and left it alone until it was dry. Then she scraped and sanded to allow the various paint colors to show through. Afterwards, Lindy and her mom chatted on the phone about all the layers and places the stool had been. I just love that! The stool now has a prized spot on the countertop.

Repurposed step stool 

Find the tutorial at Cottage Hill.