Rescued Table Gets an Update Look

This old table was rescued by Sarah when she found it sitting on the roadside in front of her apartment complex.  It didn’t look too promising, but she took it home anyway.  Check out the makeover she gave it at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.


This was a really inexpensive transformation, since Sarah had most of the supplies already.  After sanding down the table, Sarah’s husband happened to find some strips of molding they hadn’t used, and experimented with adding them to the table.  Loving the look, they went for it, and then primed and painted the table white.  The finishing touch is a subtle, soft, gray pattern stenciled on the tabletop.  Gorgeous!

stenciled round table white

Make your way over to Sarah M. Dorsey Designs to get a better look at this beautifully rescued table.

Stenciled and Stained Table

Reeves from The Weathered Door is always on the hunt for a good project. While at a garage sale she came across this beat up, weathered table sitting apart from the sale items. Reeves just HAD to ask about it, and it’s a good thing she did because the owner planned on getting rid of the table and said Reeves could have it.

garage sale drop leaf table

Reeves had to fix the broken leg and do a bit of other tweaking and a LOT of sanding before the fun could begin. She stenciled the tabletop with white paint and then stained over it for a really cool finish. It just goes to show that it never hurts to ask. You just might end up with a free table!

stenciled and stained table

Get all the details at The Weathered Door.

Paisley Stenciled Dining Table

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection decided to have a little fun with her former kitchen table before she passed it along to someone else. The run-of-the-mill natural dining table had been sitting on her front porch just waiting to become her guinea pig.

natural wood dining table

Ashley gave this table the five star treatment that included stenciling the top with a paisley design, applying stain for a more rustic look, and then painting the legs turquoise for a pop of color. Isn’t this table fab?!? Ashley says, “I’m really wishing I had done something fun like this when it was in my dining room….everything I do for my own house is boring and white. It’s waaay more fun to paint color.”

paisley stenciled dining table

See all the steps Ashley took to refab her table at Domestic Imperfection.