Flower Power: From Chandelier to Hanging Planter

There are hanging flower baskets, and then there’s getting fancy. Roeshel of DIY Showoff is definitely in “fancy” territory after this makeover, which has her turning an old chandelier into a colorful hanging planter.


First Roeshel removed all the “candle holders” and electrical wiring. She used putty and glue to attach terra cotta saucers, then pots. To paint her chandelier, she hung it from a low tree branch outside and started spraying. If you don’t have a handy tree, Roeshel recommends using a drop cloth or cardboard to set it on–you’ll just need to flip it over at some point so you can get the top and bottom painted.  After the paint dried, she added potting soil and colorful annuals. This beauty now lives on her patio, where it probably makes all other flower planters jealous!

DIYShowOff-chandelier-planterTo see even more chandelier colors and the complete instructions, visit DIY Showoff.


Painting Plastic Adirondack Chairs

“A neighbor down the street couldn’t fit her two green plastic adirondack chairs in her moving truck,” tells Amy at Sweet ‘n Sour Gumballs.   “These chairs were on their way to the dump until I intercepted.”  It just so happened that Amy had recently cleared away a spot in her backyard that was just perfect for a couple of nice chairs.


The only catch?  Well, these faded green chairs weren’t exactly nice.  No worries, though, Amy knew that a little paint and TLC was all it would take to fix them up.  After washing and drying the chairs, she sprayed them down with white paint in a satin gloss.  She recommends painting over plastic with a combo plastic primer + paint.  The white chairs look fantastic in her backyard with the addition of some preppy red striped pillows.  Here’s to summer!


Get all of Amy’s painting tips and info on how she styled her backyard seating area at Sweet ‘n Sour Gumballs.

TV Tray Revamped as Eye-Catching Outdoor Table

Katie from Fun Home Things almost tossed this old TV tray, which had just been taking up garage space. The tray got a last-second reprieve when she decided to turn it into a great addition to her deck.


As Katie tells us, this makeover was pret-ty darn involved: “I didn’t sand it, didn’t use primer…I didn’t really do any prep work on it at all.” She just wiped it down, let it dry, and started spraying with a glossy aqua paint that had been waiting for the perfect project. After two coats Katie was done and had fallen in love with her “new” table. Great call, Katie!

tv-tray-table-painted-aquaSee more about this rescue at Fun Home Things.

Paper-wrapped Tin Can Storage


Are you looking for a new way to create great storage out of tin cans? (I know, trick question.) Regina from Molly Mel is sharing a project at Hearthandmade UK that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. The theme is floral and romantic! metal-tin-cansRegina gave the cans and lids two coats of metallic gold spray paint, then cut strips of paper to wrap around the cans. She used pretty fabric tape to hold the paper in place, which gives her “the option of changing the papers from time to time.” For embellishments she used adhesive pearls, tapes, and stickers. She spray painted wooden beads and glued them to the tops of the decorated lids for the finish. Would you ever believe such pretty containers used to hold soup and veggies?


See the full tutorial at Hearthandmade UK.


From Plastic Spoons to Artichoke Garden Sculpture

Hang on to those plastic spoons, because we’ve got yet another way to turn them into something awesome! Mona used hers to create a fabulous garden sculpture. Friends, she made an artichoke. And I’m kind of ridiculously in love with it. She’s showing us how it’s done (in text and video) at Craft Klatchplastic-spoonsA styrofoam ball, flattened at one end, provides the structure for this cute ‘choke. Mona glued a dowel into a hole in the bottom of the ball for the stem. After snapping off all the spoon handles, she started gluing the spoons on from the top down. Once all the glue was dry, Mona used a plastic-bonding spray paint in black and then followed up with green. This artichoke has made its home in a planter “amongst the seasonal flowers,” where it gets compliments galore!

artichoke-plastic-spoonsVisit Craft Klatch for the complete tutorial.

Loaf Pan Planter

When Katie’s mom gave her some nice, new loaf pans, it was time to retire her battered old metal pans.  Instead of throwing them out, Katie (who blogs at View From The Fridge) came up with a cute new use for them and shared it at My Crafty Spot.


For this project, Katie spray painted the inside of the loaf pans gold.  She painted the outside of the pans with white chalk paint.  Adding small wooden balls painted gold to the bottoms of the pans lifted the pans up a bit.  Katie used stick on letters to give the pans even more personality.  After making some drainage holes in the bottoms, she filled the pans with wheat grass, turning them into planters!


Find out how to make your own loaf pan planters at My Crafty Spot.

Recycling Bin Bottles Become Mother’s Day Vases

In need of a last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea? Aniko from Place of My Taste has your back! She grabbed a couple of empty wine bottles from the recycling bin to create a pair of beautiful vases. And hey, if your Mother’s Day gifts are all sorted out, I’m sure you could use a little something lovely for yourself . . .


If you have wine bottles (or any other long-neck bottles), spray paint, and rubber bands, you can make this! First, Aniko sprayed each bottle and different color and let them dry completely. Once dry, she wrapped rubber bands around the bottles and then sprayed them again in a new color. A pretty pink ribbon and a beautiful tulip later, and voila! Aniko says, “I really believe that homemade gifts are worth a thousand times more than the most expensive gifts! They are made with LOVE and are given from the bottom of our hearts.” I’m sure her mom will love such a beautiful, thoughtful gift!

Painted-Wine-Bottles-Vases-TulipsTo see the full tutorial, visit Place of My Taste.

Outdoor Chair Makeover

“I almost missed these bamboo chairs as my dad and I went cruising past them one day. We quickly doubled back and snagged them and I am sure glad we did!” says Jess over at Bright Green Door.


Jess used spray paint to make the chairs bright and white.  The 80’s cushions got revitalized with new fabric.  “Now these chairs anchor our entire front porch and are the perfect restored vintage chair,” Jess tells us happily.  They definitely look like the perfect spot for some front porch sittin’!


Get all the details on this outdoor chair makeover at Bright Green Door.