Sectional Sofa Makeover

What I’m about to share with you wasn’t a roadkill rescue: it was a roadkill intervention.  It’s the story of a sectional sofa that could have been tossed to the curb, but thanks to the brave efforts of it’s owners, it got a second chance.  Christy from Confessions of a Serial DIYer tells us all about it.

Confessions of a Serial DIYer sofa before

See, Christy bought a sectional three years ago, and has had buyers remorse ever since.  She love the upholstery, but the configuration of the the sofa was just awkward–especially that odd angled piece.  Before she got rid of it and bought a new living room set,  Christy had the imagination and guts to try cutting down the angled piece so it could be a more traditional shape.  It worked!  Now she has just the shape of sectional that works for her room and family.

Confessions of a Serial DIYer sofa after

Read more about this project at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

Sofa Set Makeover

Emily and her mom like to redo unwanted furniture in their spare time, and they blog about it at Namely Original.  This second hand sofa set was in good enough condition to use in their own living room, but they weren’t loving the blonde wood.

With some careful sanding and staining, Emily and her mom made that blonde go brunette!  The darker stain on the wood is much more complimentary to the natural linen-look upholstery.  It definitely gives the entire room a richer feel.  I’m impressed that they had the guts to apply stain right next to upholstery–I think I might have overlooked this living room set just because of that.  Good to know there’s a right way to do this that yields gorgeous results!

You can get tips for staining furniture like this at Namely Original.