Swing Arm Lamp Makeover

At Inspiration for Moms, Laura has been working on a spruce-up of her sons room.  Wanting to create a reading nook, she’d selected the bed as the perfect spot, but needed better lighting.  Laura almost shelled out money for a set of new sconces, but remembered just in time that she’d be removing the wall lamps in her master bedroom for an upcoming remodel.


The wall lamps that Laura had needed bit of an update before she could install them in her son’s room.  She spray painted the metal fixtures silver.  She had new lampshades, but since they were plain white, Laura spray painted them red to match the elements in her son’s room.  They turned out great!


Get all the details on this makeover at Inspiration for Moms.

Painting an Upholstered Chair Pink

“In the past, I would go to yard sales and see amazing upholstered vintage chairs, and I would pass them by,” confesses Shanna at Restoration Redoux.  After figuring out that it was possible to actually paint upholstery, however, her days of passing by vintage chairs are over.  Shanna was thrilled when her mom spotted this tufted number on a neighbor’s curb.


The chair was sturdy, but covered in faded peach fabric.  Shanna pulled out a can of plaster paint in a fun shade of pink and got to work painting, noting that it’s normal for the layers of paint to make the chair feel pretty crunchy, initially.  Next, she painted the legs of the chair with silver metallic plaster paint.  Finally, she covered the upholstery with wax and buffed it, noting, “After you have buffed off the wax, that is when it will soften and feel like a soft leather.”  Great tip, and check out the results of her makeover.


Visit Restoration Redoux to get details on specific paint brands and colors that Shanna used for this upholstered chair makeover.

Out of the Ashes

Amy’s brother works for a restoration company and was cleaning up a house that had recently suffered a fire.  “When he came across this little end table…he knew I could save it and give it a new life!” she tells us at Junque Chic.


Due to all the water and smoke damage, it was necessary to remove every bit of the veneer on this piece.  Once the veneer was off, Amy gave the piece a good sanding and applied gray tinted primer.  She painted the outside of the end table with metallic silver paint, while the inside got a coat of black paint.  Amy applied black glaze over the silver paint, giving it the appearance of aged pewter, and painted the original hardware to match.  Doesn’t it look amazing?smokey-gray-end-table


Click over to Junque Chic to read more about the paints and products used for this end table makeover.

Gilded Gathered Acorns

Here’s a fun, cheap, and easy project you can make for a little Fall glitz.  And this time of year, it’s easy to find the main component for this quick autumn project from Architecture of a Mom:  acorns!  “You can recruit your kids to collect the acorns,” Rachel suggests.


Once you’ve gathered acorns, it’s important to prep them properly so they won’t get wormy indoors.  Rachel recommends baking them in the oven for a couple of hours.  After her acorns cooled, she brushed the nuts with liquid silver gilding.  She left the caps natural on hers for a fun, rustic contrast to the metallic nuts.  These make a fun addition to your Fall decor that can last for years to come.


Click over to Architecture of a Mom for more details on this Fall craft.


DIY Serving Tray

Over at Create.Craft.Love., Jill claims her dad’s basement is a real treasure trove of saved and forgotten items.  “I swear the man has never thrown anything away.  As a DIY fanatic, it’s like going to the thrift store every time I visit!” she laughs.  On a recent visit, Jill came away from her dad’s with some old kitchen cabinet doors.


Jill decided that she would turn one of those old cabinet doors into a pretty serving tray for her coffee table.  To do so, she first layered cream and blue chalk paint over it.  She waxed the door and lightly sanded it to give it the distressed look that she loves.  Next, Jill added some pretty silver drawer pulls to the edges of the former door to serve as handles, effectively turning it into a tray.  Beautiful!


Learn more about the specific paint colors Jill used by clicking over to Create. Craft. Love. 

Gorgeous Makeover for a Roll-Top Desk

Lauren from The Thinking Closet had been checking Craigslist for a roll-top desk when her in-laws offered her one they had.  Free furniture is awesome!  Lauren loved the idea of having lots of storage space that was easily concealed…but didn’t love the original oak finish.


Instead of keeping the wood tones, Lauren decided to completely refinish the desk in a pallet of white, gray, and aqua blue.  Most of the desk is painted in gray and white, but she made sure the drawers would have a pop of aqua when opened.  The side panels of the roll-top and the cork board inside got a pretty scalloped stencil.  Lauren spray painted some of the original hardware silver, and replaced some of it with handsome silver drawer pulls.  What a fresh, new look!


If you love this roll-top makeover and want to get more details on its new look, click over to The Thinking Closet.

Old Bangles to Colorful Summer Bracelets

At My Craftily Ever After, Ashley confesses her love/hate relationship with jewelry.  “I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings…but when it comes to bracelets, necklaces, and even rings that aren’t my wedding ring…I just feel awkward.”  To prove her point, Ashley submits these silver bangle bracelets which she’d owned for a few years but rarely wore because the jangling noise they make bothered her.


Ashley decided she might wear her bangles more often if she could make them quieter.  So she raided her embroidery thread stash and found some cute neon colors.  Ashley wrapped the thread around the bracelets and knotted it off to finish them.  Now her bangles are not only quiet, they’re also colorful summer accessories!


Read Ashley’s detailed instructions on how to wrap the thread around the bracelets without leaving any gaps at My Craftily Ever After.

Mercury Glass Bird Feeders

At Stow & Tell U, Amy was looking for a way to use some of the glass canning jars that were gathering dust on her shelves.  By combining them with some thrifted glass plates, she figured out a way to make pretty bird feeders.  Amy does caution, “I’ve labeled these bird feeders as  ‘ornamental’  since they may not pass a rigorous bird feeder enthusiast’s examination.”  


To make these pretty bird feeders, Amy gave all of the glass pieces the look of mercury glass with a painting technique that involved vinegar and silver paint.  She sprayed a number of jar lids and hardware pieces with silver spray paint, as well.  She assembled her bird feeders by gluing together the plates and jars with E6000, and layering the various lids and hardware pieces to embellish thornamental-faux-mercury-glass-bird-feederse feeders.  The result is stunning, and would make a delightful gift!

To view step-by-step instructions for assembling these bird feeders, go to Stow & Tell U.