A Towel Rack from a Footboard

Finding Home towel rack before

Laura of Finding Home has quite the story about this rescue.  While vacationing, she and her family were on a walk together.  Halfway through the walk, Laura spotted a footboard with gorgeous curves in a trash bin.  Much to her family’s embarrassment, she pulled the footboard out and carried it with her…along with one of the children and the family dog that got tired of walking!  At home after vacation, she turned that footboard into a towel rack.

Finding Home towel rack before


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Book Wall Shelves

I love this “clever new use for old books” that was featured on Real Simple. Old books, like the ones pictured, often have really neat designs on the spines and are perfect for turning into colorful and decorative shelves. The books simply slide between two large brackets on the bottom and a small one on {…Read More…}

Drawer Wall Shelves

drawer to shelves

Kristen from Botany Boeh was inspired by a picture in a magazine to create wall shelves out of old drawers. The only problem was… she had no drawers! After they didn’t appear on the side of the ride for her to rescue, Kristen turned to good ol’ Craigslist to post a want ad. And whadda {…Read More…}

Barn Door Wall Shelf

Jessie from Imperfectly Polished got a call from her hubby to see if she wanted an old barn door he’d found in the dumpster behind his work. (Is that not true love to rummage through the dumpster for your one and only ? And during work no less!) Of course, Jessie most definitely wanted the {…Read More…}