Mom Jeans to Mint Jeans

pretty providence before

Sarah blogs at Pretty Providence about all kinds of ways to save money. When she found these white straight leg jeans at a thrift store, she knew she could use them to get the popular mint skinny jeans look for less.

pretty providence before

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Denim Dress to Jacket

A House in Holland jacket before

Ruth, who blogs at A House in Holland, needed a cropped denim jacket for her teen daughter.  Her daughter noticed a denim dress in the Goodwill box and asked, “Can’t we make a jacket out of that?”

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Dropcloth Coasters

Frugal Ain't Cheap canvas dropcloth before

At Frugal Ain’t Cheap, Daniela says she has a lot of canvas dropcloth sitting around in her house.  Dropcloth is great for protecting surfaces while you’re painting, but there’s no need to throw it out when the paint project is complete.  Daniela used some of her dropcloth to make these coasters.

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Shirt Chair Slipcover


Jami from Freckled Laundry loves to make a beeline for the white clothing racks at thrift stores. She says, “I always find the prettiest fabrics (cotton, linen, voile) with awesome details (ruffles, lace, ruching) that can be repurposed for so many textile projects.”


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E-Reader Zipper Pouch

ereader cover from pants

After spending the big bucks on a fancy new e-reader, the last thing you want is for it to get damaged. Rebecca from B.Life and a contributor over at Honeybear Lane shares how she made a cool e-reader case from a pair of her husband’s slacks.  Rebecca’s design includes lining and a zipper top that {…Read More…}

Recycled Denim Scatter Rug

denim shirt

Joyce from The Funky Clothespin was inspired by her grandmother’s handmade scatter rugs to make a denim version. She shares at All Free Crafts how you can repurpose thinner denims from shirts and skirts into a rug of your own. The process involves cutting strips of fabric from the denim and then sewing them onto {…Read More…}

Shirt Cuff Coin Purse

mens button down shirt upcycle

After seeing this project from Camilla at Family Chic, I am wishing I could snatch back the button-down shirts I just sent to Goodwill last week. Camilla has the most clever idea for the repurposing the cuffs. With a quick snip and stitch, Camilla turned her cuff into a cutie-patootie coin purse/gift bag/iPod Nano holder… {…Read More…}

T-Shirt Bibs

tshirt to bib

Can you tell I’ve been into t-shirt upcycling projects lately? Here’s another idea from Rebecca at Better Life Bags  for turning those old tees and button downs into baby bibs. Rebecca says, “When my son was born, I had the biggest distaste for baby bibs. I hated how “babyish” they looked, yet I knew how {…Read More…}