Vintage Pillowcase Upcycled to Vendor Apron


Sarah has a confession: she can’t resist buying pretty linens from the thrift store, and now her collection is taking over the garage. They say the first step is acknowledging the problem. The second (much more fun) step involves turning vintage pillowcases into beautiful vendor aprons over at Sadie Seasongoods!

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No Sewing Needed for Bandanna Table Runner


We’re still going strong with the patriotic summer makeovers–there are just so many great ones to choose from! Today’s rescue comes from Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, who realized recently that with company coming over she probably ought to change out her Easter decor “to something more appropriate for Summer and the upcoming holidays.” Some leftover bandannas from a previous project fit the bill!

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Drop Cloth Upgraded to Elegant Crib Skirt

drop cloth

Today’s feature comes from Rachel at Maison de Pax. She may say her sewing skills are “basic, at best,” but it only took her an hour to turn leftover drop cloth scraps into a beautiful Restoration Hardware-inspired neutral crib skirt. I’m kind of jealous of any baby that gets to live in this nursery!

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Refashioned Athletic Tee Has Spirit!

MC tshirt 005 words

Bonnie’s daughter wanted to cheer on her brother’s football team on a hot day, but her only piece of school spirit was a baggy, thick boy’s t-shirt. Not to worry–Bonnie quickly (like, in 15 minutes) refashioned the shirt into a stylish, breathable pillowcase top. At Uncommon Designs, she’s sharing this “great way for you soccer, baseball, and football girls to lighten up those heavy shirts and still show your team spirit!”

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Spring-worthy African Print Sweatshirt

grey sweatshirt

The lovely Nicole from The Felted Fox saw some amazing African print sweatshirts while browsing Pinterest. As she says, “I already owned a plain grey sweatshirt and still had a stash of African print fabrics I collected in South Africa.” So she decided to make one of her own.

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Secondhand Shirt Turns Into Cute Summer Crop Top


Recently at The Felted Fox, Nicole has started sewing her own clothes for the summer. One of her recent outfits started with this large, secondhand men’s shirt.

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Dollar Store Find Becomes Stylish Swim Cover-Up


Michelle, who blogs at A Little Tipsy, admits that she’s the girl who buys a 5XL t-shirt from the dollar store because she likes the color. (I’m with you, Michelle!) After a fruitless search for a cute, short-sleeve swim cover-up, she realized that the oversized aqua dollar store t-shirt could be refashioned into just what she’d been looking for.

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From Resting to Adventure: A Pillow to Backpack Transformation


Nicole from The Felted Fox had an exotic tribal print pillow that came all the way from India. She confesses, ” I loved the fabric, but I didn’t like the shape or size of the pillow.” After stuffing it away in storage for a few years, she pulled it out and decided to transform the pillow into something she’d love and use.

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