Vintage Thermos Lights Up Seasonal Decor

A friend and I found a vintage thermos in a neighbor’s dumpster,” confesses Paula at Sweet Pea, “and I was happy to have it for decorating.”  Inspired by another blogger, she decided to turn the thermos into a lamp.


Genius idea!  The thermos really is the perfect size and shape to be a lamp base.  She found a lamp kit and shade at the local hardware store.  Since the thermos itself is fairly lightweight, Paula filled the bottom with sand so that it wouldn’t topple over.  “Wouldn’t this be a great lamp for a porch or a lake cottage?” she asks.  You bet!  Or how much fun would it be for a holiday hot chocolate bar?  


Get all the details on this rescued thermos to lamp conversion at Sweet Pea.

Chipped Garden Pots Become Beautiful Planters

Christy blogs at Our Southern Home.  When spring arrived this year, she noticed that many of her garden pots were looking pretty sad due to the original paint chipping and flaking away.


With a little bit of elbow grease and the help of every DIY-er’s friend, chalk paint, Christy transformed her garden pots.  The results are beautiful, and complement her spring flowers perfectly!  Don’t they look lovely on her porch?


To find out what kind of chalk paint Christy used, along with her trick for painting a pot that has already been planted, visit her at Our Southern Home.

Making a Mason Jar Vase

Here’s a great idea for turning a mason jar into a cute vase from Shanna at Restoration Redoux.  Shanna made this one for Spring (and especially Easter), but you could adapt her directions for any season or holiday.

mason jar

Shanna started with a regular ol’ glass canning jar.  She cut out a cute bunny silhouette from contact paper and afixed it to the jar.  Next, she painted the entire jar with aqua blue craft paint, completely covering the sticker.  When the paint dried, Shanna peeled off the sticker reveal a sweet bunny silhouette on the glass.  Too cute!


Visit Restoration Redoux to see the step by step process for making this cute mason jar vase.

Garden Hose Wreath for Spring

A friend of mine moved from a home with no sprinkler system in the yard to a home with a sprinkler system.  Guess what she had a lot of?  Hoses that she didn’t need to use, anymore!  For anyone else in that boat, here’s a fun way to reuse hoses you don’t need anymore that comes from Jill at Create. Craft. Love.


Jill had spotted a few garden hose wreaths online when she decided to make her own.  She bought a hose to use for her wreath, but like I said, you could reuse an uneeded or leaky hose for this project.  After coiling up the hose, Jill added some cute springtime embellishments:  flowers, garden gloves, and a bow.  It’s the perfect way to say hello to spring!


Visit Create. Craft. Love. to see Jill’s tutorial for this hose wreath.

Paint Chip Christmas Trees

Britni from Hubby Made Me has a great way for you to recycle those stacks of paint chips you bring home every time you go to the home improvement center.

Hubby Made Me paint chips before


She used her chips to make colorful Christmas tree ornaments!  Britni claims–and I believe–that these paint chip trees are one of the easiest craft projects ever.  As simple as it is, can’t you just imagine how fun it would be to have trees on your tree in every hue?

Hubby Made Me paint chips after

You can read more about this project at Hubby Made Me.

Glass Jar Pumpkins

It’s not too late to save a few glass jars and create a spooktacular window display for Halloween with this tutorial at Instructables.

glass jar

Just some tissue paper and glue transform the jars into a cute patch of pumpkins, and candles or string lights give them a Halloweeny glow. It’s amazing how a simple decoration like this can have kids oohing and and aahing as they trick-or-treat at your house!

glass jar pumpkins

Find all the steps for your own glass jar pumpkins at Instructables.

Plastic Pedestal Bowl

Each time Gay from It’s a Hodgepodge Life threw one of these plastic croissant packages into the recycle bin, she couldn’t help but think that it had the potential to be something great.

croissant container to bowl

One day Gay decided it was time to rise to her own challenge and turned the cheap container into a pretty pedestal bowl. With a coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint, you’d never even know it was plastic!

recycled container to decorative bowl

See how Gay did it at It’s a Hodgepodge Life.

Sweater Pumpkins

Since it’s fall and I’ve got old sweaters on the brain, I have to share these lovely pumpkins Sarah at Alderberry Hill made out of sleeves cut from outgrown sweaters.

sweater pumpkins

It’s all the extras – the fabric stems, raffia, ribbon, and leaves – that make me love these pumpkins even more. Sarah sure knows how to style a pumpkin, and created four of these little lovelies in under an hour!

sweater pumpkins 2

Go to Alderberry Hill for the full tutorial.