Halloween Mantel from Repurposed Objects

There’s no need for seasonal decor to be costly.  Cristina proves this with the stunning Halloween mantel she created using several repurposed objects at Remodelando la Casa.  The thing that really got her creative juices flowing was this stash of crib parts that she had in her garage.


Looking at those crib parts, Cristina decided they could become a gate that would serve as the backdrop for her mantel decor.  She pieced the crib parts together and used vintage-style hardware to really give the effect of an old gate.  The crows perched on and around the gate are leftovers from other Halloweens.  The “vases” holding dead branches are actually cardboard spools that her husband brought home from work–Cristina covered them in spooky black and white paper.  How awesome is that?


Find out more about this mantel made from repurposed objects at Remodelando la Casa.

Tossed Away Tree Top Gets a Second Chance

When Sara from Thrifty Treasures spotted this tree top that had been thrown out, she was more than happy to give it a new home.  “When your tree lights stop working, don’t toss it, make a smaller tree!” she suggests.

Thrifty Treasures tree top before

A small tree for the front porch was something that Sara had wanted, so she knew exactly what to do with this one.  It didn’t have a base or stand, since it had originally been the top of a larger tree, so Sara filled a mosaic tin with cement, and set the tree in that.  “After straightening out the branches, my 5 year old daughter helped me decorate it with lights and silver bulbs,” she tells us.  It looks so festive on Sara’s front porch!  You’d never guess this was a rescue.

Thrifty Treasures tree top after

Find out more about this Christmas tree rescue at Thrifty Treasures.


Christmas Tree Topper from Sticks

Kim from Too Much Time On My Hands has a unique tree topper that she crafted from sticks that she and her kids collected one day on a hike.  That’s right–sticks! Totally free for the taking and no need to run to the crafts store for those babies!

With the addition of some twine and chicken wire, Kim crafted a rustic star that is just perfect for the top of her tree.  I like that Kim didn’t just stop when she’d formed the sticks and twine into a star.  The addition of the chicken wire adds some visual interest and gives the star a little more oomph.  Great idea, Kim!

You can learn how to make this topper and find out more about the tree it went onto at Too Much Time on My Hands.

Thrifted Objects Become Holiday Collectibles

Kerryanne–who blogs at Shabby Art Boutique–points out, “Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be expensive!  Sometimes you just have to look outside the box and repurpose thrifted objects.”  She demonstrates just how she does that with her own thrift finds, starting with this wooden plate that rang in at a whopping 88 cents.

Putting her artistic talents to work, Kerryanne painted a completely adorable snowman onto the plate.  Paired with another thrifted item, the two wooden objects together make a perfect plate stand!  Kerryanne obviously has some serious talent, but even those who aren’t blessed with that kind of artistic ability could take a cue from her to look at thrifted items a little more creatively.


Check out Kerryanne’s tips for prepping painted objects for a long, useful life ahead at Shabby Art Boutique.

Paper Bag Becomes Elegant Christmas Decor

You are going to have a hard time believing that a humble paper bag was the beginning of these pretty Christmas decorations from Aimee at It’s Overflowing.  But it really is a simple shopping bag from the local grocery store that Aimee recycled to become the cone base to form decorative pine trees.

I’ve seen lots of different ways online to decorate these simple cone shapes as Christmas trees, but I think Aimee’s twist with white feathers has to be one of my favorites.  Those feathers really make it look like a snow-covered tree.  They are so soft and pretty, perfect for winter decor!

Aimee provides a detailed tutorial at It’s Overflowing so that you can recycle your own shopping bags into gorgeous holiday decor.

Finial Stemmed Pumpkins

Here’s a nifty idea for fall decor using upcycled drapery finials from Jeanette at Homa Style.  She brought home some pumpkins/gourds this fall.  None of the three had stems.  Jeanette decided it would be fun to top the pumpkins with her collection of finials.

Not sure what a finial is?  It’s the decorative end cap on a drapery rod.  And guess what?  They look great as faux pumpkin stems, too!  This is a fun way to add a bit of unexpected whimsy to a fall vignette.

You can see all the steps Jeanette took to achieve this fun look at Homa Style.


Harvest Sign from Cabinet Door

Ashley from Dirt Stains and Paint scored a whole pile of cabinet doors that were advertised for FREE on Craigslist.  She loved the lines and narrow size of this door, and knew she could turn it into something fun.

With a little help from spray paint and vinyl letters that Ashley already had on hand, the plain cabinet door became another lovely sign of fall at her house (literally!).  I really like the harvest gold color that she used for the sign.  And it’s definitely something that she can incorporate just about anywhere in her house–on a wall, mantel, shelf, or even the porch.

If you’d like to see the steps Ashley took to make this sign, go on over to Dirt Stains and Paint.