Brass Lamp Makeover with Orange

Lauren of If It’s Not Baroque found these lamps at a flea market.  No one else was excited about the brassy beauties, but she could see their potential.

If It's Not Baroque lamps before

Although she knew when she brought them home that she wanted to paint the lamps, it took Lauren a little while to decide on a color.  “A few weeks ago, I decided on orange.  Our house is very colorful so, I thought I’d incorporate a color that I rarely ever use,”  she said.  “The spray paint I used is Rust-oleum American Accents Ultra Cover in Gloss Real Orange.”  She covered lampshades in coordinating fabric, and now has two gorgeous new lamps in a fun citrus hue!

If It's Not Baroque lamps after

You can find out more about this makeover at If It’s Not Baroque.

Bookshelf Makeover with Maps

Anna has been in the process of clearing out stuff she doesn’t need anymore, over at The View from Here.  This bookshelf was one of those things, but before she listed it on Craigslist, she decided to try painting with chalk paint.

The View from Here bookshelf before

“Since I knew I wasn’t keeping this, I decided to use only things I had on hand and not spend any money for this makeover,” Anna explains.  She used leftover white paint–that she mixed using a recipe for DIY chalk paint–to paint the bookshelf white.  She cut maps out of a vintage atlas and decoupaged them to the back of the bookshelf, for a touch of color and interest.  The finished shelf is beautiful, and I’m sure it will generate a lot of interest when Anna lists it.  (I’d be tempted to keep it!)

The View from Here bookshelf after

You can find out more about this makeover at The View from Here.

Scandinavian Design Stool Makeover

At Nalle’s House, Anu loves the classic lines of Aalto stools, and has been hoping to add a few to her home.  “Unfortunately, splurging on the stools wasn’t in the budget at the moment,” she confesses.  “My parents did, however, have a few very beat up knockoff Aalto stools.  They were the stools that we used in our kitchen when I was growing up.”

Nalle's House stool before

The stools were passed along to Anu, who decided to have some fun with them.  She painted the tops of the stools in three different shades of mint green.  This gives them a cool ombre effect when they are stacked together.  (Love it!)  “The stools are going in the living room,” Anu explains.  “They are great stacked as a side table for our tall sofa. They can also be used for extra seating and as little tables for your drink that can be pulled up wherever you’re sitting.  Truly a multifunctional little stool.”

Nalle's House stool after

You can find out more about this project at Nalle’s House.

Weathered Wood Ombre Sign

Over at The Happy Housie, Krista tells us, “I was out for a walk with my family the other day when I happened upon an old piece of pallet wood that had somehow ended up on the side of the road.  I had wanted to make a sign out of pallet wood for a while so I quickly grabbed it and ported it back home with me.”

The Happy Housie ombre sign before

Krista loved the look of the wood, and even though she planned to paint the sign, she wanted to make sure some of the wood tones had a chance to shine.  So, she did a reverse technique with this–leaving the lettering for the sign unpainted, so the wood could show, and then painting around it.  For contrast, she chose a yellow ombre effect.  Isn’t it lovely?

The Happy Housie ombre sign after

Learn all about how Krista made this sign at The Happy Housie.

Red Tricycle Makeover

“My son recently outgrew his red tricycle,” says Rachel of R&R Workshop, “and instead of buying his sister a new, pink and girly trike, I should try to use the one that we already had.”

RandR Workshop red tricycle before

Rachel decided to simply add a bit of feminine flair to the red trike.  How did she do that?  With polka dots!  She placed white vinyl circles all over the tricycle, to give it a fun polka dot pattern.  “My little girl loved it!” Rachel enthuses.  I think it’s a great way to dress up any tricycle or bicycle without a lot of muss and fuss.

RandR Workshop red tricycle after

Find out more about this project at R&R Workshop.

Kitchen Table Makeover

At Twelve0Eight, Tanya had a dining table that had seen better days but had a lot of memories.  As fun as it would be to shop for a new table, she wasn’t ready yet to let the old one go.

twelve0eight table before

Thrift was the word of the day for this makeover.  Tanya made her own chalk paint, to give this table a new, creamy white cover that matched the slipcovers she’d made for the chairs.  She added a little distressing, which is always perfect for a table in a busy household.  It’s a fresh new look for a much loved table.

twelve0eight table after

You can get more details on this makeover at Twelve0Eight.

Old Art Print to Chalkboard Art

At her blog Lake Girl Paints, Deb shares a project that is perfect for the beginning of summer.   Her friend wanted a “summer bucket list” chalkboard like one featured in an HGTV magazine.  A framed but outdated art print was all Deb needed to make it a reality.

Lake Girl Paints chalkboard before

Deb started this project by taking apart the framed print.  She painted the frame white, and cut a piece of underlayment board to fit the frame.  She painted that board with a mix of black and white, just to get the chalkboard effect, and sprayed it with a satin sealer.  Deb used the chalk transfer method to get the lettering on the board looking just the way she wanted, but then she did something a little different–she carefully traced over the letter with white paint.  That way, the chalkboard art is permanent.  Thanks to the satin sealer, the boxes on the bucket list can be checked, erased at the end of the summer, and used again the next year.  Great idea!

Lake Girl Paints chalkboard after

You can find out more about this project at Lake Girl Paints.

Stylish Lamp Makeover

Karen blogs at A Stylish Interior.  She explains, “This old lamp was a Home Depot purchase from 10 years ago.  I have never really liked it, but it provided the right light and followed me from house to house.  It was one of those things that I’ve been wanting to replace for a long time, but never got around to it.”

A Stylish Interior lamp before

We all have things like that, right?  Well, all it took was one look at a gorgeous new lampshade to help Karen realize that the new lamp she’d been waiting for was only as far away as a coat of chalk paint.  She bought the lampshade and went straight home to cover the lamp base in ASCP’s Old White.  It was a complete transformation!

A Stylish Interior lamp after

Find out more about this project at A Stylish Interior.