Plum Doodles steampunk clock before

Steampunk Style Clock Makeover

"When a fellow junker handed this non-working, missing-parts clock to me and challenged me to do something with it, I had to give it a try!" exclaims Sheila of Plum Doodles.  "With all the lovely exposed brass gears, I immediately thought of the steampunk look and decided to make the clock into a steampunk 'time machine' lamp." Plum Doodles steampunk clock before
Marisa Howard Design recycled art before

Recycled Art

Over at Marisa Howard Design, Marisa is working on redecorating her home.  Most of the walls in her home will be repainted in a creamy white this summer, so she's been on the lookout for colorful accessories to balance out all the white.  An old Ikea picture frame was begging for a makeover, so Marisa decided to incorporate it into the new decor. Marisa Howard Design recycled art before
Twin Dragonfly Designs red superhero desk before

Red Superhero Desk

Heather has been working on a superhero themed bedroom for her boys and is sharing projects over at Twin Dragonfly Designs.  This old desk, a garage sale find from several months ago, was just the right size for the boys' room, but needed a bit of TLC, first. Twin Dragonfly Designs red superhero desk after  
Cutesy Crafts chair before

Colonial Chair Makeover

Over at her blog Cutesy Crafts, Jessica says she's embarrassed to admit how ugly this black and gold colonial style spindle chair was before she gave it a makeover.  "From the hole in the cushion that the children enjoy pulling stuffing out of, to the teeth marks on the arm, it was WAY past time for a makeover,"  she laughs. Cutesy Crafts chair before
Lovely Little Life painted birdhouse before

Coral Painted Birdhouse

Hannah from Lovely Little Life has a funny story about how she acquired this birdhouse.  "It was my mom's,  and when she moved it went in the yard sale pile,"  she explains.  "As a joke, my father-in-law put it out in front of my house to see if I would notice, ha ha!"  I left it there out of pure laziness, but after awhile it started to grow on me--eventually it called my name." Lovely Little Life painted birdhouse before
giggleberry creations before

TV Cabinet to Play Kitchen

Once upon a time, Amy from Giggleberry Creations stumbled across a blog featuring a TV cabinet that was repurposed into a play kitchen.  She loved the idea and sent the link on to her mom and sisters but later forgot about it.  But at her two-year-old daughter's birthday party, Amy's mom and dad surprised everyone with an exciting gift! giggleberry creations before
how joyful before

Office Chair Makeover

Over at How Joyful, Joy had an office chair that was pretty beat up, and she didn't like the dark leather look of it.  But the chair was still so comfortable to sit in that she decided to give it another chance before throwing it out. how joyful before
pig and paint before

Drab to Fab Scalloped Lamp

At Pig and Paint, Alison originally purchased this lamp many years ago, adorned with a heavy 70's rust-colored, bead-trimmed shade.  Over the years she held on to it, switching out the lamp shade for the one shown in this picture, but never really loving the look.  So finally she transformed it into a glamorous lamp that could live in her master bedroom! pig and paint before
redhead can decorate before

Crib Mattress Spring Turned American Flag

At Redhead Can Decorate, the 1969 crib Julie and her siblings slept in as babies had been sitting in her attic, not meeting safety requirements for use, but waiting, dreaming of the day Julie would repurpose it into...wait for American flag!  And it gets better, because the transformation was fast and easy! redhead can decorate before