Free Hepplewhites Make a New Homeowner Happy

When a friend passed these two nightstands along to Martha, she was thrilled.  “They came to me at just the right time….my
family has recently moved and these two pieces will make wonderful additions to our guest room AND the price was just right,” she confesses on her blog, Martha Leone Designs.

Martha Leone Designs bedside table before

Deciding to go with a two-toned effect with these nightstands, Martha mixed up her own colors of white and blue chalk paint.  Pointing out the differences between working with commercial and homemade chalk paints, Martha helpfully notes, “I can’t get the same smooth finish with homemade chalk mixes. So, although I save money, I spend more time sanding the painted surface.”  She decided for these nightstands that she’d leave the original wood finish on the very top.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Martha Leone Designs bedside table after

Get more details on how Martha painted these rescued nightstands at Martha Leone Designs.

Pretty Book Page Wreath for Fall

Anu has been decorating for Autumn over at Nalle’s House.  Her latest project was making a lovely wreath for her front door from a few rescued items, including an out of date text book and branches from her yard.

Nalle's House book page wreath before

To craft this wreath, Anu started by making a wreath form.  She used birch branches, since they are very flexible, forming them into a circle and keeping them together using wire.  Next, Anu used real leaves to make some leaf templates, then cut out leaf shapes from the old text book using those templates.  She attached wire “stems” to the book page leaves.  The wire make it possible for her attach and layer the leaves onto the wreath form.  Anu accented the wreath with some felted acorns that she already had.  Doesn’t it look gorgeous against her dark wood door?

Nalle's House book page wreath after

Click over to Nalle’s House to view a detailed tutorial for this book page wreath.

Old Bench With Good Memories Gets a New Life

At Laura Kelly Designs, Laura shares a sentimental makeover.  This bench used to sit on the porch of a friend’s home.  “Our kids grew up together in this small town, playing in our yards, drinking lemonade on our porches…sitting on this bench,” Laura says.  So when that friend moved away, he left the bench for Laura to restore and enjoy.

Laura Kelly Designs bench before

The bench, loved as it was, needed a lot of TLC.  It was literally falling apart and had some seriously chipped paint.  After sanding down the bench, Laura chose an unusual refinishing technique.  She painted the bench with Rit dye in “Scarlet”.  The dye gave the bench an interesting wash, giving it a different, more worn finish than paint would.  Once the dye dried, she protected it with a clear coat.  Now the bench is ready to enjoy seasons more of outdoor living.

Laura Kelly Designs bench after

Learn more about how Laura rescued this bench at Laura Kelly Designs.

Pretty Copper Planters from Empty Tin Cans

Amy blogs at Homey Oh My.  Recently, she upcycled some empty tins cans into pretty herb planters.  Along the way she discovered a really terrific new color of spray paint, so this is a rescue not to be missed.

Home Oh My tin cans before

Amy started the project with these cans that formerly contained diced tomatoes, washed and all evidence of labels removed.  Next, she sprayed them with Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in Copper.  “Don’t let the weird orange-y looking cap fool you,” she advises.  “This paint has the same beautiful sheen as the gold one that I love so much.  I wouldn’t say it’s a chrome finish, but it’s more of a brushed metal look.”  While the paint was drying, Amy crafted some labels for her planters using balsa wood, chalkboard paint, and twine.  She planted herbs in them, and the project was complete!  I love the coppery sheen of these–what a perfect color for a kitchen window display!

Homey Oh My tin cans after

Get more info on this upcycling project at Homey Oh My.

Trash Can Makeover

At Leopard and Plaid, Brittany had lived with this trash can as it was for quite a while.  Eventually, she decided it was time to glam it up a bit and make it more of a reflection of her tastes.

Leopard and Plaid trashcan before

And by glam it up, I mean Brittany turned this trash can into a lovely decor piece.  She painted the exterior white, and touched up the trim with gold leaf.  She also used gold leaf to add a number to the front, instead of a more predictable monogram.  To add a bit of excitement, Brittany decoupaged the inside of the can with swanky snakeskin printed wrapping paper.  It coordinates beautifully with the outside of the can.  I think it might be too pretty to use as a trash can, now!

Leopard and Plaid trashcan after

Read more about this trash can rescue at Leopard and Plaid.

Table from the Curb Becomes Fall Decor for the Porch

Over at My Creative Days, Lindsey tells us that she picked up this table from the curb.  When she brought it home, her husband started putting the two halves of the tabletop together, and it suddenly struck Lindsey how much it looked like a rustic pumpkin!


Not only did Lindsey see a pumpkin in this table’s future, she recognized that it might be possible to use the former table legs to create a stand to prop up the large pumpkin decor.  Lindsey’s husband made it happen, using a bolt and chain to attach one of the leg pieces.  Another leg piece was used to create a pumpkin stem.  She painted the pumpkin and added a sweet stencil to the front of it.  Now, it’s a fun way to share the Fall season on their porch.  What a great idea!


Find out more about how an old table was repurposed into a cute fall pumpkin at My Creative Days.

Dining Buffet Repurposed to an Office Desk

At Country Design Style, Jeanette’s dining room pulls double-duty as an office space.  In that space, she had a lovely vintage buffet that wasn’t functioning at optimum capacity:  it only held a few linens and dishes that got pulled out infrequently for formal dining.  On the other side, she had two sad little filing cabinets in the corner that were functioning at over-capacity as storage for office supplies.

Country Design Style dining desk area before

Jeanette’s solution was to relocate the fine linens and turn her seldom-used buffet into an office desk that would get daily use.  She tried to leave the buffet itself as intact as possible, in case she ever wanted to use it again as originally intended.  One physical change she made was adding a glide out laptop surface to the top middle drawer.  She added beaded board fronts to old file cabinet drawers and put them in the side cupboards, where they fit perfectly.  Now Jeanette has an office space that looks and functions beautifully in her dining room!

Country Design Style dining desk area after

Get more details on how Jeanette repurposed this dining room buffet at Country Design Style.

Brown Baggin’ It Taken to A Whole New Level

When Ashley from Domestic Imperfection started remodeling her boys’ room, one of the first things to go was the carpet.  Flooring can be pricey, and since she was working on a tight budget, Ashley had to find an inexpensive replacement.  She created flooring from craft paper–you could get the same look from brown paper shopping bags–and the result was pretty amazing.

Domestic Imperfection brown paper flooring before

After prepping her cement floors, Ashley began ripping small sheets of craft paper, wrinkling them,  and arranging them a few at a time on the floor.  She used a solution of Elmer’s glue and water to glue the paper “tiles” to the floor.  Once everything was glued down, Ashley added some depth and character to the floor by staining it to be a slightly darker brown.  The last step was covering the floor with several good coats of polyurethane to protect it.  I think it looks unbelievably good!

Domestic Imperfection brown paper flooring

View the detailed tutorial for this paper floor treatment at Domestic Imperfection.