Spooky Seats Need a Summer Makeover

Marcella Rose (who blogs at Marcella Rose’s) “found these stunning vintage wrought iron chairs on the side of the street” in New York City. Since then they’ve traveled across the country with her and are due for a makeover, which she’s sharing at My Crafty Spot. Marcella says she likes to change these seats up a couple times a year. I personally love the spiderwebs, but I agree that summer calls for a lighter look!


Marcella Rose found a great indoor/outdoor fabric that will be easy to keep clean. She used a power drill to unscrew her seat cushions from the chair, then traced out the fabric that she needed. She used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the underside of the chair, “folding and pleating” as she went. Now she’s “sitting pretty” on her beautiful porch this summer, and I can’t wait to see what she does with the chairs this fall!

wrought-iron-chairs-reupholsteredSee the complete transformation (with instructions and materials) at My Crafty Place.

Prettyfied Paint Store Chairs

Briana’s family owns a paint store.  She’s been working on updating the store decor, trying to showcase some of the fantastic color options they offer.  These chairs are available for customers to sit down, but they were looking a little dowdy.  She shares the makeover at Posh Purpose.


Briana decided that what the chairs needed was a color and style upgrade with new upholstery.  She ordered some pretty fabric online that would complement the paint colors she and her mom had picked to go on the walls.  Briana removed the bland microfiber upholstery and recovered the chairs with the new fabric.  They look great!


Briana offers some of the tips she learned about reupholstery while she worked on these chairs at Posh Purpose.

Grandma’s Kitchen Stool Refabbed

Doesn’t everyone’s grandma have a stool in her kitchen just like this one?  “This  actually was my grandmother’s stool,” says Sheryl at Red Tin Inn.  “My parents had stored it in a building, that they kept the pool chemicals in, and major rust had set in.”

Red Tin Inn kitchen stool before

After an unsuccessful attempt to scrub off the rust, Sheryl decided it was best to paint the stool.  She sprayed all the metal parts of the stool with Rustoleum’s “Oil Rubbed Bronze”.  A pretty fabric remnant from her stash became the new seat upholstery.  Now Sheryl has a perfectly lovely, vintage stool for her own kitchen!

Red Tin Inn kitchen stool after

Learn more about this kitchen stool makeover at Red Tin Inn.

A Little Gold Makes This Footstool Shine

When Sara, from Thrifty Treasures, found this footstool, it was looking pretty frumpy.  Faded upholstery in a dated fabric covered a lumpy, bumpy shape.  There was something about the shape of the little claw feet, though, that made her think the stool had some possibilities.

Thrifty Treasures footstool before

After ripping off all of the old upholstery, Sara coated the claw feet with gold spray paint.  She replaced the old foam and upholstery with new.  The fabric Sara chose was a stunning, bright blue with gold embroidery that completely coordinated with the footstool’s now gold legs!  She tufted the top of the stool with fabric covered buttons to give it more shape.  The result is a footstool that is much more visually interesting.  Great job, Sara!

Thrifty Treasures footstool after

Visit Thrifty Treasures to get the details on how Sara reupholstered this footstool.

Broken Cane Chairs Get a Makeover

Marty has been documenting her kitchen remodel at Marty’s Musings.  While she’d successfully fixed up her kitchen table, the old cane chairs that went with it were still a problem.  The caning had worn out long ago, and the only solution available was ill-fitting slipcovers.

Marty's Musings dining chairs before

Deciding to work with what they had, Marty and her husband figured out how to fix the chairs.  They replaced the missing caning with thin plywood.  The chairs were painted white and distressed for a shabby chic look that matched the look of their new kitchen.  Finally, the old upholstery on the seats was removed and Marty added pretty striped fabric.  The chairs look amazing with the new table!

Marty's Musings dining chairs after

Find out all about how Marty and her husband transformed these chairs at Marty’s Musings.

Office Chair Makeover

Over at How Joyful, Joy had an office chair that was pretty beat up, and she didn’t like the dark leather look of it.  But the chair was still so comfortable to sit in that she decided to give it another chance before throwing it out.

how joyful before

Joy decided to make slipcovers for the fabric parts of the chair and spray paint the rest.  First she took apart the entire chair.  Joy used outdoor cotton canvas, velcro, and elastic to sew covers for the chair back and seat, and stapled fabric covers onto the arm rests.  While the chair was disassembled, she used spray primer and white spray paint to coat all the metal and plastic parts of the chair with fresh white paint.  After putting the chair back together, Joy was rewarded with very impressive results!  And I don’t know about you, but I’m digging the polka dots!

how joyful after

Visit Joy at How Joyful to get much more detailed instructions on making slipcovers and more.

Settee Makeover

Jessica of Cutesy Crafts has had this settee sitting in her entryway for over a year now.  “Hello, welcome tomy house the 80s!” she jokes.  It was time for a makeover.

Cutesy Crafts settee before

First, Jessica gave the settee a coat of clean, white paint and lightly distressed the edges.  She recovered the upholstered bench with a sturdy ticking stripe.  The settee now looks like a completely different piece of furniture!  It has definitely left the 80’s behind.

Cutesy Crafts settee after

You can find out more about this makeover at Cutesy Crafts.

Reupholstered Slipper Chairs

Mary Anne of Purposely Reinvented came across these armless chairs on Craigslist.  No surprise that they were in the free section!

Purposely Reinvented chair before

Luckily Mary Anne saw their potential.  She salvaged as much of the old fabric as she could, to use as a pattern for the new upholstery.  She chose canvas drop cloths as the makeover fabric.  Once covered in new fabric, the chairs looked completely different!  They’ve got an incredible shape that was once hidden behind an ugly facade–now they are starting life again wearing gorgeous new clothes!

Purposely Reinvented chair after

Mary Anne has lots of upholstery tips that you can read at Purposely Reinvented.