Bankers Chair Makeover

Batchelors Way chair before

Over at Batchelors Way, Ronda snagged this bankers style chair at her local Salvation Army for just $5!  The vinyl on the arms and seat were in pretty bad shape, but it was structurally sound.  Ronda was determined to put in in her office.

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Reupholstered Tufted Bench

Katie from Sew Woodsy rescued her great aunt’s bench from being a causality of the curb. Despite the outdated fabric, Katie knew the bench was just what she’d been wanting for her master bedroom. Katie and her husband worked together to give the bench a much more modern look with some natural fabric and a {…Read More…}

Refinished Chair with Sharpie Art

Suesan from Frou FruGal snatched up this chair from an antique store for $8. She had intended to redo the cane seating but had to go back to the drawing board due to some irreparable damage. After stripping and refinishing the chair frame, Suesan turned her attention to new plans for the seat. I gotta {…Read More…}

Painted Vanity and Bench

Karin from Art Is Beauty picked up this nasty vanity right as it was about to be thrown into a dumpster. It was covered in spider eggs and the drawers were warped. Karin actually found the manufacturing sticker on the mirror while working that dated this piece back to 1947. I guess after 65 years {…Read More…}

Reupholstered Yellow Office Chair

Most office chairs are pretty boring to look at. Why not liven things up a bit and work in style like Kendra over at My Insanity? She took this old, ugly desk chair and gave it a fresh and fun look. With the help of her mother, Kendra jazzed up the blah black plastic with {…Read More…}

Reupholstered Dining Chairs

Heidi from My Beautiful Mess found these dining room chairs at an estate sale for $5 each. They were quite the steal, so Heidi wedged them into her little sedan and schlepped them home. Heidi gave each chair its own personal color and fabric treatment, and they are now gorgeous fixtures in her colorful kitchen. {…Read More…}

Triple Chair Bench

Rose from Confessions of a Curbshopaholic got a call from her sister-in-law to come grab these dining room chairs from her neighbor’s dumpster. Rose didn’t love the ornate style of the chairs or the fact that they were not even real wood. However, these fancy ladies gave Rose the perfect opportunity to tackle a project {…Read More…}

Reupholstered Stool

Catherine from Paisley & Polka Dot Threads was lucky enough to find this stool on Freecycle for, of course, FREE! The lady getting rid of it told Catherine it was “sturdy, but ugly.” Luckily, ugly is easy to fix! Catherine had to prep the frame for painting by chipping off veneer and sanding it smooth. {…Read More…}