Milk Painted Midcentury Mod Side Tables

After receiving these retro side tables as a gift from her mom, Bonnie at Revolutionaries got to work! She used some elbow grease and milk paint to transform the tables into a drool-worthy duo.


Bonnie says, “They were in good condition, but they had a badddd gold paint job with lots of drips and inconsistencies. It also looked like they were once covered in paper (there were bits of paper still stuck to some areas).” First she sanded them down, then added two coats of milk paint and a top coat. She loves the results, and so do we!


Learn more about this project at Revolutionaries.


Bright Dresser Makeover

At The New Vintage, Mei used a mistinted can of paint to give this mid century modern dresser a snazzy new look.  “I must confess that I am addicted to using mistint paints for two great reasons:  1) Environmentally friendlier.  I am recycling paints that for some reason other people don’t want;  2) Economical – you get the paints for a bargain,” Mei explains.


The bright green mistint paint inspired Mei to do something fun and unexpected with this makeover.  She made up a batch of chalk paint with it and painted all but one of the drawers with it.  The rest of the dresser she painted white.  The finishing touch was to add a cute laundry saying onto the front of the drawers.  Awesome!


Check out the makeover at The New Vintage.

Mismatched Cabinets Get a Little Love

At Thrift Craft Love, Jess has been working on fixing up a craft room for herself.  “I wanted to save some old metal cabinets that had been in my parents basement for more than 30 years,” she tells us, and decided that she’d incorporate them into her craft room.  While they offered terrific storage potential, the cabinets were pretty beat up, and completely mismatched!


It took a bit of work to get these cabinets ready to go.  Since the cabinet bases were almost completely rusted out, Jess’s dad helped her to build wood bases for them to sit upon.  Jess painted each of the doors and drawers in a different, bright color.  The cabinets had no countertop, so she made one from an OSB panel leftover from another panel, decoupaging it with the pages of a book that had illustrations in coordinating bright colors.  The result is lots of storage in really fun colors!


Make sure you visit Thrift Craft Love to find out more about this cabinet makeover.

Basic Fan Goes Retro Glam

Jessa from Sparkle is grateful for any extra air she can get on hot summer days, so this portable fan is a permanent part of her decor during the summer months.  She thought the basic black design was just something she had to live with until she spotted a picture of the Vornado Vintage Collection VFAN, one day, and was inspired by the two-tone, retro color scheme.


Deciding that there wasn’t any reason she couldn’t make the fan she had look just as good, Jessa got to work with a couple cans of spray paint.  After thoroughly cleaning the fan (a big job, she admits), Jessa primed the whole fan, then sprayed it white.  She brushed liquid gold leaf onto the front of the fan to give it a two-tone look with some additional sparkle.  One more detail?  Instead of leaving the power cord black, Jessa wrapped it with leather craft lace.  What an amazing new look!


Visit Sparkle to view the full tutorial for this house fan makeover.

Miraculous Rescue Creates a Mid Century Modern Set

When Susan of SAF Affect saw these beautiful Mid Century Modern chairs, she was willing to plunk down cash to get them.  She paid $300 for a set of four, and felt like that was a steal.  So imagine Susan’s surprise when, just days later, she spotted two more chairs of the exact same design sitting on a curb waiting for the garbage truck.


Both chairs were in pieces, but Susan took them home anyone, knowing that if repaired, she’d have a set of six gorgeous, Mid Century Modern teak chairs.  The repairs for the broken chairs were beyond what she dared tackle herself, so Susan explains, “I had the chairs professionally repaired at a cost of $175 each, but it was absolutely worth it to have a set of six (and to keep the pair out of landfill).”  After the chairs were repaired, Susan replaced the old upholstery with new, herself.  Anyone who loves Mid Century Mod design will love hearing the story of how these chairs became a complete set.


Find out more about this chair rescue at SAF Affect.

Retro Fabulous Dress Refashion

At Second Chances by Susan, Susan picked up this classic 80’s dress (check out that collar!) at a free clothing exchange.  Susan loves fashion from the 1950’s and 60’s, and was pretty sure she could make this dated dress retro fabulous.


Drawing inspiration from two vintage patterns, Susan remade the bodice.  She made it more fitted and took away the double-breasted button detail.  She changed the collar so that it would be smaller in the front and larger in the back, with some nifty button detailing.  Doesn’t it look fantastic, now?


View the tutorial for this retro dress refashion at Second Chances by Susan.

Midcentury Mod Bench Restoration

I love hearing stories about the lengths you go to rescue roadkill–it proves I’m not alone in what I’ll do to bring home trash!  Eve of Eve of Reduction saw this retro bench sticking out of a dumpster as she rode past on her bike.  She came back with her son, and together they carried it on foot for over a mile through their neighborhood.  That’s dedication.

Eve of Reduction mod bench before

Once she’d brought the bench home, Eve turned her attention to restoring it to it’s once glam self.  She took the time to clean it, polish it, and repair structural damage.  Then, she reupholstered the sagging cushions with a groovy fabric that matched the retro turquoise vinyl perfectly!  I think this bench is ready to make a guest appearance on Mad Men, don’t you?

Eve of Reduction mod bench after

Learn more about this restoration project at Eve of Reduction.