Gray and White Desk

youth sized desk before

Faye from MacGIRLver got this desk several years ago from her husband’s cousin. It had been acting as a TV stand in her rec room until Faye decided it couldn’t hide from her paint brush any longer and pulled the desk out for a makeover.

youth sized desk before

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Jeweled Letter


Don’t know what to do with all your old and broken jewelry? Turn it into a decorative letter that’s full of glitz and glam! Kate of Mr. Kate created a fabric covered letter from foam core and then blinged it out with old baubles. You don’t even have to limit yourself to old jewelry alone {…Read More…}

Embellished Can and Bottle

ponytail holder to decor

Isn’t it cool to think that a tin can from last night’s green beans can become a beautiful piece of décor for your home? Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage shows just how easy it is, especially if you’ve got some bling in your jewelry box that rarely sees the light of day. Shannon painted one {…Read More…}