Junk + Junk + More Junk = New Couch

Redoux Interiors junque couch before

At Redoux Interiors, Karen shares an incredible furniture creation.  She made this couch almost entirely from junky finds:  a headboard, garage door panels, and pieces from a twin bed.  You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Redoux Interiors junque couch before

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Headboard Bench

Fool4Peppers twin headboards before

Brian of Fool4Peppers was with his wife at the Salvation Army store when they came across these twin headboards.  They took the headboards home, and within a few hours had completely repurposed them.

Fool4Peppers twin headboards before

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Chalkboard from Headboard

headboard to chalkboard

Gail from My Repurposed Life had this headboard sitting in her garage for over a year. It was actually much easier to repurpose than Gail had realized, requiring just some unscrewing to remove the panels and legs. Without the panels, the headboard had plenty of empty space to be transformed into a chalkboard. Gail even {…Read More…}

Platform Dog Bed

Inspired by other fantastic repurpose projects, Tammy from Southern Flair Crafts had been waiting to find the perfect curbed items for her own creation. Her first find included a twin headboard and footboard that were free for the taking. Tammy had been wanting to build a special bed for her rescued pooch Tucker, so this {…Read More…}

Headboard to Upholstered Bench

Catherine from Freddy & Petunia has been at the business of refabbing castoff pieces for a long time. This project dates back a bit, but the results are just as awesome today as they were thirteen years ago! It all started with a vintage king-sized headboard that Catherine fell in love with and purchased secondhand. {…Read More…}

“Amazing Grace” Sign

Amongst a pile of items Gail from My Repurposed Life received from friends were an old wooden headboard and footboard. Gail turned both of the pieces into lovely wall signs using her Silhouette. Here’s the headboard before Gail trimmed up the ends with her miter saw. After priming and painting, Gail created a vinyl stencil {…Read More…}

Family Message Board

Last fall Gail from My Repurposed Life received a wood headboard and footboard from her nephew. It was just recently that one of the pieces made it into Gail’s basement workshop for its revamping. I am so excited to show you what Gail did with it because it is just that awesome. This was really {…Read More…}

Stained Headboard Bench

Lindsay from Diary of a Crafty Lady worked with her dad to build a gorgeous bench for her sister’s front porch. The project began with a headboard and footboard that Lindsay’s dad picked up. The pieces were solid wood with a nice inset design and knobs. The headboard became the back of the bench, and {…Read More…}