Junk + Junk + More Junk = New Couch

At Redoux Interiors, Karen shares an incredible furniture creation.  She made this couch almost entirely from junky finds:  a headboard, garage door panels, and pieces from a twin bed.  You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Redoux Interiors junque couch before

When you see the before pictures, it takes a lot of imagination to figure out how these rescued items made one pretty couch.  Karen envisioned the headboard as the back of the couch.  She saw that the garage door panels, if they were cut down, could make armrests and end pieces for the couch.  Some old bed rails became the decorative piece in the front of the couch, just under the seat.  Karen found some round legs in her spare parts cupboard, and made the cushion from repurposed comforters.  The body of the couch was painted with  CeCe Caldwell’s Vermont Slate.  The “junque couch”, as Karen calls it, is a lovely addition to her front room.

Redoux Interiors couch after

Learn more about the construction of this couch at Redoux Interiors.

This Rescue is Definitely a Winner!

At Upcycle Addict, Sherry had a couple of random things.  First was this Oscar-worthy trophy that was given to her grandmother at a retirement party.  Next, she had an old railing that once belonged to an entire staircase.  You’ll never guess what Sherry made using these two unrelated items!

Upcycle Addict trophy before

It’s kind of like a game show, isn’t it, guessing what she might have made?  Well, Sherry removed the statuette from the base of the trophy.  She attached the old railing to the wider trophy base, and topped it with a wood finial.  She painted the whole thing a glossy black.  It’s now a beautiful sign post that Sherry can use to hang a welcome sign as part of her front porch decor.  Isn’t that lovely?

Upcycle Addict trophy after

Learn more about this rescue by visiting Upcycle Addict.

Vintage Linens Make Pretty Napkins

At her blog Sugar Beans, Susan tells us that she’s used to scoping thrift stores to find vintage linens.  “But last week, a sweet friend brought me a few pillowcases she found while cleaning out her linen closet. Big score for me {happy dance and clapping hands ensued}. I was able to use the fabric from ONE of the pillowcases to make 8 dinner napkins!” she exclaims.

Vintage Sheets

The linens pictured above are similar to the ones Susan’s friend shared with her.  To make the napkins, Susan simply cut open one of the pillowcases and then cut it again into eight squares.  So that she wouldn’t make too big of a dent in her new stash of old linens, she used coordinating new{er} fabric to sew onto the other side of the vintage fabric.  Aren’t they lovely?  Bonus:  Susan points out that these napkins would make lovely gifts for the holidays!

Sugar Beans vintage linen napkins

Get all the details on how Susan sewed these napkins from vintage pillowcases at Sugar Beans.

Grill Rack Repurposed to Halloween Decor

I have so much fun seeing how my friends repurpose their rescues into decorations for upcoming holidays.  Here’s another one:  Kathy from Petticoat Junktion turned an old grill rack into a darling spider web for Halloween!

Petticoat Junktion grill rack before

Kathy started out with this grill rack that she had found.  “The minute I saw it, I thought…..spider web!” she says.  She covered the rust by spraying it with black spray paint.  Kathy found the sparkly spiders at Wal-Mart, complete with clips on the back, so that she could easily attach them to the grill.  The rack even had a handle thingy that made hanging it on the wall extra easy!  I’m not sure I would have even thought of Halloween decor if I’d spotted this grill rack, but Kathy did and I love the results!

Petticoat Junktion grill rack after

Visit Petticoat Junktion for more details on this project.


Curbside Crib Becomes Fabulous Autumn Decor

One thing never ceases to amaze me about all the rescues I feature here, and that’s the unbelievable amount of imagination my friends have when it comes to seeing possibilities in things others would pass by.  This lovely Autumn chalkboard sign by Kelsey at Tattered & Inked is a perfect example.  Would you believe it used to be a crib?

Tattered & Inked Chalkboard Art before

When Kelsey picked up the curbed crib, it was pretty hideous–plexiglass and laminate–but she says, “I saw this guy sitting on the side of the road and instantly only saw it’s pretty curves.”  After knocking out the plexiglass, she went in search of something to cover up all of the holes in the laminate.  The solution Kelsey found was wood shims!  She covered the laminate with shims in varying lengths, which created a very fun textural look.  Everything got a coat of gold spraypaint before the chalkboard she’d made was nailed to the back.  Doesn’t it look amazing on her mantel?

Tattered & Inked Chalkboard Art after 2

Learn more about how an old crib became a beautiful work of Autumn art at Tattered & Inked.

A Very Special Birthday Chair

What could be more fun than seeing a brand-new one year old taste cake for the first time?  Well, seeing a brand new one year old taste cake for the first time while sitting in the happiest of high chairs is definitely going to be more fun!  That has been Lynda’s goal over at Oh So Shabby.

Oh So Shabby high chair before

“When my grandma passed away last year I inherited this highchair,” she explains.  Lynda’s girlfriend has a baby turning one, soon, and she decided it would be fun to turn the highchair into a birthday “throne” for the little one.  Lynda painted the high chair a pretty blue by adding chalk paint powder to a Behr paint sample.  Pink polka dots and dipped legs make the chair even more fun, but the pretty tutu it wears now really takes the cake!  I can just imagine how fun the first cake pictures will be in this chair!

Oh So Shabby high chair after

Read more about this vintage high chair rescue at Oh So Shabby.

Halloween Bunting Made from Egg Cartons

Oh, this is a fantastic little Halloween upcycling project by Zing Zing Tree.  It’s made from cardboard egg cartons.

Zing Zing Tree egg box before

I like the fact that this project requires only a few egg cartons and very basic craft supplies (black and white paint, twine, googly eyes, etc.).  The cartons were cut and trimmed so that they resembled the silhouettes of ghosts and bats.  The silhouettes were painted black or white.  Googly eyes were added to the black bats, and white silhouettes got classic ghost faces drawn on them.  Strung along twine, the egg carton bats and ghosts form a delightful Halloween bunting or garland!

Zing Zing Tree egg box after

View all the steps in this project at Zing Zing Tree.

This Seasonal Decor Defines the Word “Rescue”

Over at Home Happy Home, Amy has been getting her house ready for Fall.  While decorating, she decided that her mantel could use a little something extra, so she turned to the dictionary for help.

Home Happy Home dictionary banner before

The old dictionary, that is–the one with pages she wasn’t afraid to tear out.  “I gently ripped out some pages that had fallish {if that’s a word} words on them like thanksgiving, leaves, etc.,” Amy says.  From these pages, she cut out pennant shapes for her banner.  She used foam letters as stamps, and wroted the message “Give Thanks” onto the banner.  It looks very pretty draped across the mantel.

Home Happy Home dictionary banner after

Get more details on this banner made from old dictionary pages at Home Happy Home.