Cream Marble Top Desk

Kristen from Inspired Whims came across a pretty pathetic little desk just a few miles from her house. With chipped paint, missing hardware, and a whole lotta dust, it had seen better days. But who can say “no” to a solid wood desk with a marble top?

Curbside Desk

With some sandpaper, spray paint, and glaze, Kristen totally transformed the grubby desk to a beautiful piece of furniture. Kristen points out that one of the greatest benefits of this piece is its versatility. It could easily fill the role of desk, table, or television stand.

Refabbed Marble Top Desk

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Dark Walnut Four-Drawer Dresser

Rinni from Rinni’s Playground grabbed this dresser for her dad to refinish. As if the front was not bad enough, the top almost looked beyond repair. The veneer was literally broken off in chunks and just plain nasty looking.

Old Dresser

This go round Rinnia and her dad passed on the paint and instead decided to refinish the dresser in a dark walnut. Rinni was blessed with the pleasant task of chipping off the remaining veneer before Dad took over with the sanding. Although the original intent was to resell the dresser on Craigslist, Rinni’s dad fell in love with it and couldn’t let it go. I can definitely see why!

Refinished Dark Walnut Dresser

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Flower Carved Buffet

Rita from Curbside Creations was overjoyed when a man told her she could have this buffet for free. Literally, she ditched the friend she was with and went home for her Explorer. She couldn’t let this one get away! It was very sound structurally despite all the cosmetic damage.

Large Storage Console

This was a fun piece for Rita to work on with all the curves and knobs. She refinished much of the wood with a dark stain and painted the trim as an accent. My favorite part is the little flower detail. Rita actually carved that into the wood with her Dremel. Is the girl good or what?

Refabbed Console

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White Chair with Flower Detail

Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl is unable to turn away from a piece of furniture awaiting trash pickup, no matter how decrepit. That’s how she ended up with this yucky chair. To say it was in rough shape would be an understatement. The seat was molding, the paint chipping and peeling, and the structure of the chair missing pieces and literally falling apart. Oh yeah, and their was a dead cockroach hiding inside.


Brittany literally took apart the entire chair and rebuilt it, using the spindles on the back to fill in the for the missing parts. New paint, new seat, and new upholstery later the chair is beautiful. I just love how Brittany painted the little floral detail on the back to match the fabric. Brittany shows how incredibly handy she is with this rescue!


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Blue and White Seashell Coffee Table

Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl rescued this poor baby from someone’s trash. It was practically pleading for its life, so, of course, it would have been cruel to turn away. Brittany realized what dire shape it was in when she found mold growing underneath the top. Ick! Back to the trash for the tabletop!

Moldy Coffee Table

Brittany used a couple of boards from her wood stash to make a new top. After a whole lotta painting, sanding, glazing, and antiquing, Brittany finished the table off with a little seashell detail for a beachy vibe. The now mold-free table has a happy home on Brittany’s porch. Much better than the dump.

 Refabbed Seashell Table

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Homemade Chalk Paint Table

Kristy from Kristybelle’s got this little laminate table as a freebie off Craigslist after it didn’t sell at a yard sale. It was wobbly and falling apart, but Kristy had the insight to turn it over and tighten everything up (duh!). Apparently, the original owners hadn’t thought of that. Now, what to do about the terrible reddish-brown finish…

DIY chalk paint table before

This little table became Kristy’s lab specimen as she tried out a DIY recipe for chalk paint.  Kristy used an off-white paint in the recipe but then went back and dry brushed the table with a turquoise blend. You can see that there was actually wood on top that Kristy sanded down and refinished in a dark walnut. Think the previous owners would have given this table away now?

DIY chalk paint table after 

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Vintage Card Catalog Buffet

Adri from Dream Book Design considers herself one lucky lady to have an awesome husband who actually enjoys projects! Jeremy purchased this massive old card catalog from a closed down library. With not a clue in the world what to do with it, in the garage it sat waiting for that “aha” moment.

Card Catalog

Inspiration definitely struck when Jeremy decided to turn the monstrosity into a totally unique and absolutely beautiful buffet. Jeremy and Adri reconfigured the card catalog to make the buffet and then went through the process of sanding, painting, and rubbing with stain for that antiquey look. Now the question is what to put inside the 72 drawers…

 Card Catalog Buffet

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