End Table Dog Bed

When her future sister-in-law needed a large end table, Ashley from Domestic Imperfection knew she had just the one sitting in the furniture pile on her porch. Ashley got moving on her standard sanding and painting process while her son enjoyed crawling around inside the table. Thus an idea was born…

end table dog bed before

Why not revamp the table to double as a dog house?!? Ashley removed the doors and threw in a dog bed to make the table into a cozy resting place for a furry friend. What a clever way to save some floor space!

end table turned into dog bed

Ashley shows you how it’s done at Domestic Imperfection.

Harlequin Patterned Coffee Table

Old coffee tables with new paint jobs are a dime a dozen these days.  Some of them, though, are really spectacular.  Like this beat up table that Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage jazzed up with a classic harlequin pattern…

Shannon used two shades of cream to create the diamond shapes on the table top.  The subtle colors keep the pattern from being too overwhelming.  I like the effect of the distressing techniques that she used, which bring out the pretty carvings and curvy lines of this table–a really nice contrast to the geometric shapes on top.

Stop by Fox Hollow Cottage to learn about Shannon’s painting techniques and see how she measured out the harlequin pattern.

Vintage Wine Table

While out and about Dee from My Painted Stuff is always taking different routes to increase the likelihood of stumbling upon roadside treasures. It paid off one day when she came across this solid wood table that had been banished to the curb.

roadside table

Dee knew that big top would be perfect for a graphic and busted out her projector and paint pen. She says, “I just love the way this one came out.  It has that cottage shabby chic look with a French twist.”

vintage wine table 2

Get the details at My Painted Stuff.

Wallpaper Top Table

Shanna from Restoration Redoux got this vintage table at a yard sale for $4. It was wobbly and dirty, and the leather inlay on top had rotted. Yes, it was in sad shape, but $4 for a wood table is too good a deal to walk away from!

yard sale side table

The mystery of the missing tabletop beguiled Shanna for some time. It was too thin to fit wood in the space, but how about some embossed wallpaper? Like me, you may be wondering how in the world you could have a functional table with a top made from wallpaper, but Shanna shows it can be done! Believe it or not, after six months, the lamp on top hasn’t even made a dent in the paper!

side table with wallpaper top

Go to Restoration Redoux to read more.

Kids Chalkboard Table

Linda from It All Started with Paint got this little table from the thrift store for only $5. Its transformation felt like an Olympic gymnastics competition for Linda, as it had her biting her nails and holding her breath at times to see how it would end.


It was the process of peeling up the vinyl letters and numbers that literally had Linda holding her breath, but, like Linda says, she totally stuck her landing! I love the detail around the edges and the idea of a chalkboard finish. I know my kids would have a blast drawing all over the tabletop. Not bad at all for $5!


Go to It All Started with Paint for the tutorial.

Stenciled and Stained Table

Reeves from The Weathered Door is always on the hunt for a good project. While at a garage sale she came across this beat up, weathered table sitting apart from the sale items. Reeves just HAD to ask about it, and it’s a good thing she did because the owner planned on getting rid of the table and said Reeves could have it.

garage sale drop leaf table

Reeves had to fix the broken leg and do a bit of other tweaking and a LOT of sanding before the fun could begin. She stenciled the tabletop with white paint and then stained over it for a really cool finish. It just goes to show that it never hurts to ask. You just might end up with a free table!

stenciled and stained table

Get all the details at The Weathered Door.

Clock Face Table

We all need those quickie projects to provide a little diversion from the longer, more tedious ones. This pedestal table that Karin from Art Is Beauty plucked from her neighbor’s trash was just the fun little undertaking she needed.

table from trash

The fun really began when Karen used her freezer paper transfer technique to add a clock face to the tabletop. I am always amazed at how great these images look! How you played with image transfer? If not, hopefully Karin’s clock face inspires you to grab some freezer paper and give it a try.

clock face table

Go to Art Is Beauty for all the details.

Pinstripe Round Table

For Liz Marie, it’s important that the items in her home remind her of the people she loves. When she got this table from her grandmother, Liz Marie knew she wanted to restore it so she could enjoy it as a frequent reminder of her grandparents.

pinstripe round table before

Liz Marie refinished the table with blue chalk paint, adding white stripes to the top to distract from its poor condition. One of my favorite parts is the wood rim Liz Marie left exposed. While the table was pretty before, it really has tons of character now. I love that Liz Marie can now enjoy the table for both its aesthetic and sentimental qualities. 

striped tabletop

Read more at Liz Marie Blog.