Mirror to Chalkboard

Oversized chalkboards have become very popular for their decorative and functional capabilities. Plus, they happen to be super easy to DIY, especially if you can get your hands on an old mirror. Jessica from Mom 4 Real had this dark wood mirror hanging out in her bedroom and was eager to give it a revamping. {…Read More…}

Magazine Framed Mirror

Mike from Blue Velvet Chair created her own funky wall mirror from magazines. Magazines? Yep! 750 magazine pages to be exact! 750 magazine pages that Mike rolled and then glued to this very large, thrifted frame. Because Mike’s frame was so stinkin’ big, she spent many an hour rolling and assembling her mirror. If you’re {…Read More…}

Decoupage Map Mirror

Carrie from Lovely etc. loves to incorporate maps into her décor. So when she got this hand-me-down mirror from a family member, she knew a map makeover was in order. Carrie used Mod Podge to decoupage maps of major U.S. cities to the mirror, following steps to ensure her work would come out smooth and {…Read More…}