Grey and White Painted Dresser

Original blue dresser

When I see something I want on the side of the road, there’s not too much that can stand in my way from bringing it home. Julie at Knot All That I Seam is right there with me! She loaded this solid wood dresser into her car all alone. Must have been the adrenaline that {…Read More…}

Dresser with Burlap Shelves

After transforming one dresser into a set of shelves, Liz Marie couldn’t wait to tackle a similar project. This landfill-bound dresser was the perfect subject. It had a nice shape, and the missing drawer space was begging to filled with a shelf. Liz Marie gave the dresser a “rustic beachy feel” with some blue paint {…Read More…}

Industrial Style Dresser

After seven years of using a traditional country style dresser someone else left behind from a move, Karen from Redoux decided it was time to finally give the piece a much needed make over. Karen stripped off the white paint and refinished the piece to have an old, weathered look. The icing on the cake {…Read More…}

Black and White Dresser

After spying a yellow and “Pepto Bismol” pink dresser on the side of the road one night, Tami from Curb Alert still had the eyesore on her mind the next morning and had to bring it home. Obviously, that color combo makes quite the impression! One of Tami’s friends just so happened to be in {…Read More…}

Ebony Stained Dresser

Jessica from A Smith of All Trades has had this dresser for as long as she can remember. There is even a little blue bead still stuck in the keyhole that her sister put there when they were kiddos. After all those years, there was no denying the fact that it needed an update. Jessica {…Read More…}

Rock n’ Roll Dresser

Bliss from Bliss Ranch wrangled her first rescue in this old yellow dresser that was sitting curbside sporting a “FREE” sign. It was truly an “ol’ lemon” in more ways than one! Bliss transformed the bright and sunshiny dresser into a rockin’ piece for her 13-year-old son’s bedroom. I just love all the details Bliss {…Read More…}

Two Tone Glazed Dresser

Deanna from It’s Just Me was given this chest of drawers by a friend. It looked great when she saw it in the photo but little did she know it had a few skeletons in its closet. Or should I say exoskeletons since the dresser was filled with TONS of yucky creepy crawlers. It took {…Read More…}

Stenciled Metallic Dresser

Kathryn from Ugly Duckling Transformations had been searching for a dresser to store photo albums and media components in her front foyer. Then, lo and behold, what did she find hanging around in a back alley just a few days later? This MDF dresser that was in pretty decent shape and free for the taking! {…Read More…}