Painted Wood Banker’s Chair

You know you’ve really achieved elite junker status when even friends of friends start passing their castoffs on to you. That’s exactly how Reeves from The Weathered Door ended up with a free solid wood banker’s chair.

Slate bankers chair before 1 WD

Even though the seat was cracked and the arm was loose, Reeves knew it deserved a makeover. She painted it with a gorgeous slate-colored milk paint and then sanded it for a worn look. Like Reeves, I am loving this soft, soothing shade!

Slate bankers chair 1 WD

Find the details about Reeve’s beautiful slate blue chair at The Weathered Door.

Wood Chair with Padded Seat

Amidst a big project, Faye from MacGIRLver needed a little “instant gratification” and decided to spruce up a chair she originally had no intention of keeping. Plain. Brown. Nothing to get too excited about.

chair makeover before

Faye coated it with the same gray chalk paint she’d whipped up for her previous desk makeover and then made the chair a soft place to land with a piece of foam she’d saved from packaging {love that!) and some patterned fabric. When it was all said and done, Faye realized the chair would be the perfect companion for her gray and white desk. Don’t you just love it when a project comes together?

chair makeover

Check out the entire transformation and see Faye’s desk and chair together at MacGIRLver.

Reupholstered Wingback Chair

Mary Anne from Purposedly Reinvented chose this beauty for her very first reupholstering project. She found it for FREE off Craigslist and instantly saw the potential in its tiny little ad photo. Her husband, on the other hand, was of course shaking his head and questioning how anything beautiful could ever come of the eyesore.

free craigslist wingback chair

Oh how Mary Anne proved him wrong! She spent three long weeks turning it into a beautiful new creation, and it just so happens the newly upholstered chair is now her hub’s favorite seat in the house!

reupholstered wingback chair

Check it out at Purposedly Reinvented.

Reupholstered Desk Chair

Jenna of SAS Interiors had been wanting to try her hand at reupholstering for awhile but was held back by her own uncertainty of whether or not she could actually take on the task. After gaining the confidence she needed, Jenna dove in and found her guinea pig at a thrift store.

reupholstered chair before

And here it is in its new set of clothes! Would you ever believe this was Jenna’s first upholstery project? If you’ve also been wanting to try reupholstering yourself, here’s what Jenna has to say: “I have no upholstery skills, so this is something that absolutely ANYONE can do. If I can do it, so can you!”

reupholstered chair after

Go to SAS Interiors to see all the steps Jenna took in reupholstering her chair.

Chair with Woven Seat

Hillary at The Friendly Home toted this chewed up chair home from the curb at the request of her daughter. The Nate-loving, on-the-rise roadkill rescuer spotted it on her way to school and begged Hillary to snag it on the way home.

curbside chair before

The chair became a family affair, as they all contributed in some way to prepping and painting the chair and weaving it a new seat. Look how pretty it is now. Hillary’s daughter has a good eye, and you know that’s got to make a DIY momma proud!

refabbed curbside chair with woven seat

Check it out at The Friendly Home.

Coffee Sack Chair

Catherine from Paisley & Polka Dot Threads found this captains chair at her local op shop. Someone had apparently stabbed the seat and arm rests with a pair of scissors, as indicated by the many gouge marks.

thrift store chair before

Lucky for the chair, it escaped the abuse and ended up in Catherine’s loving care. With a coat of black paint and a new coffee sack seat covering, the chair has a new lease on life!

Coffee Sack Chair

Get all the details at Paisley & Polka Dot Threads.

Chair with Fabric Seat

Amy from A Nest for All Seasons found this chair on the curb and was excited about its potential until she saw that the bottoms of the legs were completely trashed. Since this seems to happen to Amy all the time, she decided to find a solution to those beat-up bottoms.

chair with damaged seat and legs

Amy concealed the damage to the legs with some twine. If you are wondering about the torn apart seat, it was nothing some hot glue and a bit of fabric couldn’t handle. Amy shows that you don’t have to be an expert in furniture repair to bring a piece back to life. Sometimes a quick and simple fix does the trick!

refabbed curbside chair

Read more at A Nest for All Seasons.

Black Chair with Decoupage

Julie at Knot All That I Seam had been on the lookout for a chair for her desk when she saw this bad boy sitting curbside. While it may not have been the chair of her dreams, Julie saw its potential.

roadside chair

After painting the chair, Julie used an old pillow cover that was trash bound to reupholster the seat. She also applied graphics from some old Edison record covers to the back of the chair with Mod Podge. There’s a whole lot of repurposing going on with this one little chair, making Julie’s grand total $2.50 for the can of spray paint. That’s not too shabby for a new desk chair!

roadside chair after

Check it out at Knot All That I Seam.