Louis Cane Chair Gets a Facelift

Over at Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna’s friend knew how much Jenna wanted a chair with French country flair.  So when that friend came across this cane chair at a yard sale, she passed it right along to Jenna.  The chair was in pretty bad shape–as in, no to be used for sitting, bad–so it sat down in her basement for a while.

Rain on a Tin Roof cane chair before

When Jenna finally decided it was time to give this chair a new look, she gave it a full blown makeover.  She replaced the broken caning in the seat with a piece of wood, cut to fit.  The chair got a coating of bright white paint.  Jenna selected an elegant, emerald green velvet to upholster the seat and the arm rests.  Accented with a pretty, embroidered pillow, this chair is simply stunning!

Rain on a Tin Roof cane chair after

Get more details on Jenna’s painting techniques on this rescued chair at Rain on a Tin Roof.

Trashed Shelf Gets a Second Chance

“This was one of my first rescues,” confesses Rhonda from Obsessive and Creative.  “I saw it in front of a neighbor’s house on big trash day. I could not explain why I had picked it up. It was in such bad shape no one would understand!” she laughs.

Obsessive and Creative little shelf before

Rhonda put the shelf up in her attic, and there it stayed for months until she ran out of other furniture to refinish, and turned to it as a last resort.  The shelf was definitely homemade, and she guessed that it had been built for storage in someone’s garage.  Rhonda, however, envisioned other possibilities for this little shelf.  In an effort to cover up some of the imperfections, Rhonda added some old spindles that she had on hand to trim of the edges of the shelf.  Next, she primed and painted it.  “I was going to sell it,” Rhonda says,  “but after it was refurbished I fell in love with it!  It lives in my entry way now.”  What a change!

Obsessive and Creative little shelf after

To get more information on this worn out shelf rescue, click over to Obsessive and Creative.

Rescue Vase Pays Homage to the Canadian Penny

Vone blogs at Vone Inspired.  She tells us, “After we moved into our new place I noticed that our bookshelf needed something on it to fill the gap between it and the ceiling.”  She started collecting vases and bottles to use for décor up there. “This big beautiful blue floral vase was left in the house by the previous
people but the colour didn’t fit with our current decor.”

Vone Inspired vase before


Since Vone liked the size and shape of the vase, she decided to keep it, but cover up the color.  Her solution to give it some added oomph with texture and a unique, metallic finish?  Pennies!  After painting the vase a matte black, Vone simply collected every penny in her Canadian home and started gluing them to the vase with a glue gun.  “Since Canada has phased out the penny I thought this was the perfect ode to the penny!” she notes.  I love it!  The coppery tones are just gorgeous, and it’s such a cool conversation piece.

Vone Inspired vase after collage

Find out more about how Vone transformed this vase with pennies at Vone Inspired.

Little Bucket Gets a Big Makeover

“This cute little pail started off fire engine red, and in the right house it would be adorable just as is. But there is NOTHING in my house that is red, so rather than getting rid of a perfectly good bucket I decided to give it a makeover!” Liz tells us over at Love Grows Wild.

Love Grows Wild bucket before

Since she wanted to leave the handle as it was, the first step in this makeover was covering that handle with tape.  Next, Liz covered the entire bucket with gray spray paint (the kind that is especially for metal).  “I decided to add some fun designs to the bucket,” she explains. “I took pieces of the painter’s tape and ripped them into long, thin pieces. Then I wrapped them randomly around the bucket in different directions to give it a modern look.”  Liz sprayed the bucket again with white paint, removed the tape, and had a bucket with a completely updated look. Wow!

Love Grows Wild bucket after

Find out more about this bucket makeover at Love Grows Wild.

Dumpster Desk Gets A Second Chance

Over  at Redoux Interiors, Karen says she found this desk on “One glorious morning of Dumpster Diving at my favorite Apartment Dumpsters spot.  The desk was SOLID wood, but had a very sad and abused top.”  Karen saw potential, and took it home.

Redoux Interiors desk before

Here’s a handy tip for fellow dumpster divers:  Karen points out that, despite the top being in terrible shape, this desk had a lot going for it.  “This was a rare find, solid wood, CHECK.  All Drawers present, CHECK, no broken or missing legs, CHECK,” she laughs.  Look for those things in a desk and you know it’s good.  After heavily sanding away the layers on top of the desk, Karen base coated the entire piece in CeCe Caldwell’s Virginia Chestnut.  She followed that with two coats of CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White, topped with a tobacco brown tinted glaze of her own making.  New glass knobs were the final touch for this desk.  Doesn’t it look great sporting a shabby chic look?

Redoux Interiors desk after

Get all the details on this desk rescue at Redoux Interiors.

Old Drawer Gets An Off the Map Makeover

Cara from Craft Dictator was gifted this old drawer from her mom.  When it comes to gifts, this one wasn’t the prettiest–but luckily, Cara had vision.

Craft Dictator tray before

After coating the drawer in primer, Cara dug some pretty turquoise paint from out of her mom’s paint stash.  She painted the entire drawer turquoise.  Next, she decoupaged a map of Texas onto the bottom of the drawer.  “I decided to put this on my coffee table either with some books on it or some glassware maybe.  It might also just house my TV changers for a while!  Either way I love love love the way it turned out!” Cara says enthusiastically.  It’s a brand new life for a drawer that could have easily been sent to the curb.

Craft Dictator tray after

Learn more about the drawer repurpose at Craft Dictator.

A Mini Kitchen Renovation

At Night Owl Corner, Linda explains, “My dad built this play kitchen for my sister and I when we were kids.  It’s been up in the attic collecting dust for the past two decades until I decided to freshen it up for my own daughter. I told my Dad he did a great job building it but it needed a woman’s touch in terms of color!”

Night Owl Corner play kitchen before

Before adding any color, Linda took the time to sand down the old finish and cover it with a stain blocking primer.  She painted the kitchen in cheerful pastels.  Next, the kitchen got a few updates:  a plexiglas “window” for the oven, a new sink made from a restaurant warming tray, new hardware, and even new burners for the stove.  For those, Linda says, “I spray painted cork mats silver and cut strips to look like burners from glitter foam sheets.”  As you can imagine, Linda’s little daughter was thrilled by the new kitchen, and it looks like it will enjoy years more of imaginary play.

Night Owl Corner play kitchen after

Learn more about this sweet play kitchen renovation at Night Owl Corner.

Trashed Bar Stools Take a Number and Come Inside

Emily of Elizabeth Joan Designs tells us, “These stools were a curb find. I attempted to sell them at two different garage sales and there were no takers. After our last sale, I brought them into the house and my son loved being able to sit at the counter to “help” make dinner. Their original look didn’t match anything in our home, so I opted to give them a makeover to match our dining table.”

Elizabeth Joan Designs bar stools before

To begin the makeover, Emily worked hard to sand off the original finish.  She primed and painted the legs a bright white.  She stained the bar stool seats with Minwax Special Walnut, then painted on numbers using black paint once the stain had dried.  To protect the seats, Emily finished off the makeover with clear polycrylic.  Don’t they look great?

Elizabeth Joan Designs bar stools after

To find out more about this bar stool rescue and view pictures of Emily’s diy-ed dining table, visit Elizabeth Joan Designs.