Lemonade from Lemons in the Summer, Mittens from Old Sweaters in the Winter

Over at Craft Cravings, the cooler weather of Fall has been making Heather think about getting ready for winter.  One of her winter readiness projects has been turning old sweaters into cozy mittens.


For this pair, Heather used a cute fleece sweater, but I can see how this tutorial would be perfect for cable knit or cashmere sweaters, too.  She created a simple mitten pattern by tracing her own hand.  She lined up the mitten pattern so that the top of the mitten (the opening for the hand) would line up with the hem of the sweater, saving her a sewing step!  After cutting out both sides of the mitten, Heather matched them together and sewed a simple seam.  Easy peasy!  I love the possibilities with this project.


Learn more about this sweater upcycle at Craft Cravings.

Texas Pride Turns Trash Into Art Treasure!

When we remodeled our house, there was plenty of ‘trash’ leftover,” says Kendra of Pots, Pans, & Paintbrushes.  We’re talking wood and metal material that was perfect for a mixed media art piece.

PPPaintbrushes state art before


Using a pallet for a base, Kendra created an amazing piece of art based on her favorite state:  Texas!   She cut the shape of Texas from out of a piece of panelling, and nailed that square of panelling over the pallet, where the state was cut out, you could see the colorful mixed media collage behind, filling in the state.  “I used trim, base boards, shelving hangers, fence wood, pallets,  paneling and even old screws to create a this colorful Texas art piece inspired by artist Dolan Geiman,” Kendra explains.  It looks so amazing that when she entered it into an artshow, Kendra won first place!  Way to go!

PPPaintbrushes state art after

Get the details on this art project at Pots, Pans, & Paintbrushes.

Spring Decor Repurposed for Halloween

Over at her blog The V Spot, Vivienne tells us that she had the cutest little springtime weathervane with a bunny on top…until it toppled over one day and the bunny broke!  She held onto it hoping that she could figure out another use for it, and sure enough, she did–just in time for Halloween!

The V Spot weathervane before

First step was getting rid of the remainder of the broken bunny.  Once that was gone, Vivienne punched a hole in the back of a dollar store pumpkin that was in her craft stash, and used that to replace the broken bunny on the top of the weathervane.  “I didn’t want to glue it, because I want the option to use the pumpkin elsewhere and now my mind is spinning with other holidays where I might be able to change up this weathervane,” she notes.  To add a little more Halloween flair, Vivienne painted and glittered an old skeleton decoration she had on hand, and placed that atop the pumpkin.  The effect is an amazing Halloween twist on the traditional rooster-topped weathervane.  Too fun!

The V Spot weathervane after

Find out more about the creative rescue of this former spring weathervane at The V Spot.


Grandma’s Jewelry Box Gets Spiffed Up For the Next Generation

Over at Cutesy Crafts, Jessica tells us that her sister was beyond thrilled when she inherited this jewelry armoire from their Grandmother.  The only thing she didn’t love about it was the orange tone of the oak finish.  She asked for Jessica’s help to give the large jewelry box a new look.

Cutesy Crafts jewelry box before

Armed with chalk paint, Jessica set out to tone down the unlovely finish.  She painted both the interior and exterior with white chalk paint.  She removed the hardware on the outside of the armoire while painting, and reattached it once the paint was dry, because she liked the look of the vintage door pulls.  After some light distressing, the jewelry armoire is ready for a few more years of service.  You should definitely click over to see the interior shots of this marvelous piece–it has some pretty incredible storage options!

Cutesy Crafts jewelry box after

Get more details on this makeover at Cutesy Crafts.


Sometimes All That Glitters Is Gold…But You Still Don’t Want It!

At Homework, Carolyn shares how she rescued a little table that used to belong to her father-in-law.  “Based on the underside of the table and the inside of the little cabinet, I believe it was once plain dark wood,” she says.  “At some point the gold leaf effect was added. We’ve been using the table in our living room and even though gold is making a comeback, it didn’t really match anything in our house.”

Homework gold leaf table before

Since the peeling gold leaf was just a little too much for Carolyn’s taste, she decided to tone it down with a coat of white paint.  Before she covered it in white, Carolyn used Frog Tape’s Shape Tape in chevron to tape off a diamond pattern on the front and sides of the little table.  After painting it white, she peeled away the Shape Tape to reveal the pretty pattern in rustic gold leaf.  Amazing, right?

Homework gold leaf table after

Read more about this beautiful table rescue at Homework.

Junky Garage Storage Becomes Attractive Craft Room Storage

“This roadside rescue was right next door!” says Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof.  “It was an old, rusty, dirty metal cabinet my next door neighbor was tossing when she moved.”

Rain on a Tin Roof metal cabinet before

Little did the neighbor know that Jenna had spotted that metal cabinet in her garage long ago, and had been wishing for it ever since!  It was the perfect solution for storing Jenna’s craft supplies…it just needed an extraordinary amount of TLC first!  She started the makeover with a good scrub down, then covered the cabinet with gray primer, to seal off all of the rust.  Then, Jenna sprayed the cabinet with a bright, preppy blue, along with an accent stripe of kelly green around the doors.  (Her favorite color combination!)  Spraying the metal handles gold was the final touch, and now the cabinet has a new home in Jenna’s basement craft room.  Look at all of that beautiful storage!

Rain on a Tin Roof metal cabinet after

Learn more about the clean up and painting process of this rescued metal cabinet at Rain on a Tin Roof.


Impulse Shopping Inspires a Rescue

When Joan from Nicer Than New impulsively purchased a Silhouette craft cutting machine, she had to look around her house for something to transform using her new toy.  “I had a boring little oak chair sitting in my garage that was too low and too wide for the couple of desks I have already sold,” she says.  “I decided this little lovely would be my test piece for a Silhouette printed stencil and paint project.”

Nicer Than New chair before

For this first project, Joan decided to cut something out of contact paper and do a reverse stencil on the chair.  She settled on a scrambled number design, similar to Pottery Barn’s subway number art.  She cut the design, applied it to the chair, and painted the chair white over the numbers.  When she peeled away the numbers, she had the same cool subway number look on the seat of the chair.  Doesn’t that look great?  I think that impulse purchase may just work out really well for Joan!

Nicer Than New chair after

Get more information on this chair rescue at Nicer Than New.


Having Too Much Fun with Craft Pumpkins

Nicole blogs at Mendez Manor.  This season, she’s sharing a craft pumpkin project that isn’t just fun, it’s hilarious!  She used comic pages from the Sunday paper to create a colorful pumpkin display.

Mendez Manor comic covered pumpkins before

This is a simple project that really turned out great, and it uses something that usually gets tossed: the Sunday paper.  Nicole started with a simple craft pumpkin and pages of comics.  She found it was easier to work with the comics if she cut out the individual squares first.  Then she decoupaged the comics onto her pumpkin, one square at a time.  “These little pumpkins look adorable on the bookshelf in Olivia’s playroom! They are bright, colorful and they add a playful Halloween spirit to the room,” Nicole says.

Mendez Manor comic covered pumpkins after

Find out more about using comic strips to make a cute pumpkin like this at Mendez Manor.