Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

curbside bulletin board

This bulletin board shows just how skilled the ladies over at Namely Original are at bringing new life to old, discarded items. Julia had been looking for a new cork board, but her mom was not too excited about forking over the money. Therefore, she found a more budget-friendly option in this curbside find.

curbside bulletin board

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Vintage Wood Slatted Sign

Did you see my vintage sign I made using an old playpen?  Over on Infarrantly Creative I am challenged each month by one of the local viewers of a lifestyle show in our area called Indy Style.  This month I chose an old wooden playpen for my challenge. There was no way I was refinishing {…Read More…}

Starburst Wrapper Jewelry

Sam from Fluffyland has a major sweet tooth…errr…actually that is me that has the sweet tooth {as I just riffled through my cabinets in search of Starbursts after reading this post} she just uses the wrappers of the yummy, chewy candies to make unique jewelry.  You can use any square candy wrappers but she chose {…Read More…}

Crutch Floor Lamp

Roadkill rescue challenge

For all my Infarrantly Creative readers, you probably recall this repurpose project that I said you’d either love or hate. I was issued the challenge to revamp a pair of old wood crutches. I really pondered the possibilities before coming up with a slightly zany, way outside-the-box idea. I have been working a lot on {…Read More…}

Bottle Cap Mobile

While browsing online I stumbled upon a neat repurpose for bottle caps from Pia Chaib on flickr. This is especially great if you are an avid drinker of beverages with metal bottle caps or know someone else who is and wouldn’t mind starting a stash for you.   The caps make a cool, artsy mobile {…Read More…}

Etched Glass Spice Bottles

Maybe you’ve noticed glass bottles of a favorite product piling up in your recycling bin week after week. This was the case for WUVIE at Instructables, who likes to relax at the end of the week with a bottled Starbucks Frappuccino. When WUVIE saw that she had quite the collection of these bottles, she decided {…Read More…}

Plastic Bottle Mobile

I love it when I stumble across an idea for repurposing items that would otherwise end up in the trash or recycling bin. It’s always nice to be a little green and save some green at the same time, right? Cristina from Ork Idea Atelier created a decorative mobile using rings cut from colorful plastic {…Read More…}

Soda Can Keychain

I am all about giving handmade presents. That’s why I love this gift idea from Lindsay at Diary of a Crafty Lady that is perfect for all the soda (aka pop, soda pop, coke, depending on where you’re from) drinkers in your life. Of course, you need some soda cans to start with. Lindsay oh {…Read More…}