A Wine Cork Craft

Carmel from Our Fifth House share this project at Infarrantly Creative recently, and since it's a great little recycling project, I thought I'd pass it along to my fellow Rescuers.  To make these pretty boxes, all you need is an old book and some wine corks. wine-cork-book-cover

Free Fence Post Projects

A while back, Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIYer had the opportunity to collect some discarded fencing--for free!  "It had been cut into the perfect 4 X 4 stack," she notes.  She's been able to get a lot of mileage from that pile of boards.  Want to see some of her projects? old-fence-boards
curbside bulletin board

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

This bulletin board shows just how skilled the ladies over at Namely Original are at bringing new life to old, discarded items. Julia had been looking for a new cork board, but her mom was not too excited about forking over the money. Therefore, she found a more budget-friendly option in this curbside find. curbside bulletin board