Vintage Enamel Table Refabbed

Pam blogs at House of Hawthornes.  There, she shares how she refabbed this nifty little table.  It’s a vintage baking table.


The table had been sitting in her sister’s garage for years when Pam got a hold of it.  It was filthy, but ironically, the charming metal label on it identified it as a “Sno-White” model.  Pam was able to get the table top looking good again with some elbow grease and a good cleanser.  She cleaned the paint off the original hardware and labels with steel wool, and switched the tabletop around so that the chipping porcelain would be hidden against her wall.  Pam repainted the bottom of the table in a pretty shade of blue-green, and she’s got the perfect baking table for her kitchen!

Enamel Porcelain Refinished

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Painted Horse Figurine

A horse lover since childhood, Carrie from Dream Green DIY was eager to get in on the ceramic horse trend sweeping the décor world. Of course, she had her own stash of horse figurines from childhood to chose from. Mrs. Brown was the lucky one selected for the makeover.

painted horse figurine

Mrs. Brown now has a new glossy white coat that gives her the appearance of ceramic or porcelain. (I guess she’ll have to consider a name change!) It’s cool that Stephanie was able to refab one of these figurines that has such deep sentimental value. She says, “By making one of them usable again, I feel like I’m giving it a new life.”

painted horse figurine after

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