Fun with Legos on a Retro Table

Fussy Monkey Business lego table before

Over at Fussy Monkey Business, Crystal had this cute little end table sitting in her attic for years.  One evening, while playing Legos with her son, she realized exactly what she needed to do with that table.

Fussy Monkey Business lego table before

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Toy Shelves from Paint Buckets

Oh Oh Blog plastic bucket

At the Oh Oh Blog, Ama says that she needed an inexpensive way to add some off-the-floor storage to her playroom.  She had a great idea for making cute wall shelves by upcycling plastic paint buckets.

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Play Kitchen from a Nightstand

SAS Interiors play kitchen before

Jenna at SAS Interiors was trying to figure out a way to make a little kitchen for her two year old daughter, who loves to play with pretend food.  So when Grandma showed up with this old nightstand–a thrift store night stand, Jenna knew she could turn it into the perfect spot for her daughter to play.

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Dress-Up Clothes Peg Rail

dress-up clothes hanger before- edit (1)

Sarah of Crafting and Creativity shares on Before It’s News how she repurposed an old kitchen drawer front to hanging storage for her kids’ dress-up clothes in just a few simple steps. A little paint, a few knobs, and say hello to neat and organized dress-up clothes! I love that the wall rack allows the {…Read More…}

T-Shirt Light Cover

I know we’ve all got about a million old t-shirts lurking in the corners of our drawers and closets. Why not upcycle them into a fun light cover like Jade from The Jaderbomb Blog? This project involves cutting the shirts into strips and then weaving them together with a hula hoop to create a cone-shaped {…Read More…}

Play Ice Cream Parlor

Holly from My Sister’s Suitcase shares a fun repurpose project that started with a yard sale changing table. Holly’s daughter loves ice cream, so creating her very own parlor seemed the perfect way to upcycle the table. Holly went all out creating this ice cream parlor for her adorable daughter. You’ll just have to go {…Read More…}

Handpainted Forest Table

Catherine from Paisley & Polka Dot Threads had been on the lookout for a desk for her daughter’s room. When she saw this little table sitting in the rain, she grabbed it up for the job. It was pretty nasty, but that kind of comes with the roadkill rescuing territory.   Catherine’s plan for the {…Read More…}

Book Jacket Wall Art

Libby from PSA Stamp Camp recently transitioned her daughter to a big-girl room. While the whole space is just awesome, my attention was especially caught by Libby’s creative repurpose for her daughter’s book jackets. I totally agree with Libby that these are really just a nuisance, as they always fall off and end up being {…Read More…}