Oh Christmas Pine Cone, Oh Christmas Pine Cone!

Pine Cones are one craft supply that are easily found for free in most parts of the U.S.  You can collect a few just by visiting a park or going on a nature walk.  Ursula from Kraft & Mint figured out how to make a cute Christmas craft with some of the pine cones she’d found.

Pine Cones

For this project, Ursula selected cones that could sit on their own, with the widest part at the bottom, Christmas tree style.  She found thin lace, tiny pom poms, and stars at the craft store, and used those to “trim” the pine cones like little Christmas trees.  “This would be a fun and easy craft with kids,” she notes.  They look pretty by themselves, or grouped together on a cake stand.  Adorable!

Craft & Mint Trimmed Pinecones

Find out more about this nature-found Christmas craft at Kraft & Mint.

Faux Gilded Pinecones

At What’s Ur Home Story, Vidya has a great way to dress up pine cones for Christmas decor.  If you have a yard with pine trees or live near a park or nature preserve that has them, then pine cones will be free and plentiful at this time of year. (They are also pretty easy to come by in the holiday decor section of your local store.)

Vidya loved the look of the gilded pine cone ornaments she’d come across in the pages of a favorite catalog.  With a little spray paint, she’d soon turned her own pine cones into glittering gold treasures for the Christmas tree.  I love these!  The gold gives them a touch of elegance, but the fact that they are simple pinecones keeps these ornaments from looking too opulent.

You can get Vidya’s tips for painting pine cones at What’s Ur Home Story.