Framed Succulents: No Green Thumb Necessary

One reason succulents are so great is that they’re hard to kill. Succulents made out of paper, though? Even better! Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow grabbed an old picture frame and created a framed paper succulent piece that looks fabulous and needs absolutely no watering.


Rebecca spray painted her frame grey and gold, then used fine grit sandpaper to create a bit of wear around the edges. She fit a piece of cardboard inside the frame. A Cricut helped her design and print out her paper succulents, and once they were assembled she hot glued them to the cardboard. Rebecca loves how this turned out: “the varying shades of greens are just so pretty.” I second that–what a great idea!


For the complete tutorial, check out The Crafted Sparrow.


“Love”ly Wall Decor

“As I was digging through some of our home decor boxes in the basement I found this frame and started brainstorming what I could do with it,” says Jessie at Imperfectly Polished.  She decided to turn it into art for her master bedroom gallery wall.


First, Jessie removed the pictures that were in the frame, keeping just the frame and the glass.  She used her craft cutting machine to cut out the words, “I Do Still” from gold vinyl, then applied the vinyl to the front of the framed glass.  It’s a gentle reminder that Jessie and her husband would choose each other all over again.  “On days I don’t always remember to tell or show him, now he can see that everyday and know,” Jessie says.  Sweet!


Visit Imperfectly Polished to find out more about this project.

Paint Chip Ombre Art

Over at DIY Candy, Amy came up with a fun way to turn free paint chips into art.  It’s a simple craft project that anyone can do with just a few basic craft supplies, an old frame, and a few leftover paint chips.


For this fun art project, Amy cut out a piece of thin cardboard to fit the picture frame she planned to use.  She used a craft punch to cut her paint chips into inverted arrows, which she arranged and glued onto the cardboard.  She placed them so that each color would have the classic ombre fade going for it.  Once glued, Amy popped it into her frame–easy peasy!


Visit DIY Candy to read more about this free art project.

Beautiful Tray from Reclaimed Wood

“Early in the summer my mom and I tore down the playhouse my dad had built for me as a child,” says Jamie at Anderson + Grant.  “Even though the wood foundation was no longer in a condition to hold up the walls, the wood pickets that boarded the outside were still in great condition.  We saved many of the boards to use for various projects.”  Here is one of those projects.


Inspired by the photos she’s seen of serving trays made from reclaimed wood, Jamie decided to make on of her own.  She used the weathered wood pickets and a chunky picture frame her aunt gave her.  After cutting the fence wood to size, Jamie simply nailed it onto the back of the frame–that’s it!  The result is this gorgeous tray.


Click on over to Anderson + Grant to view the tutorial for this project.

Perfect Picture Frames from Pallets

I am knee deep in a garage, mudroom and kitchen addition,” says Katie from Little House of Four.  “Each week we’ve had a few deliveries, which all resulted in pallets full of material being delivered to the house.”  She’s been using all that pallet wood to make useful and beautiful things for her home.  Her latest project is turning pallet wood into picture frames.


After pulling off several boards from one of the pallets, Katie cut them into equal lenghths.  She glued several boards onto a rectangular piece of thin luan board, then stained the boards. She purchased 8×10 pieces of plexiglass to protect her photos, then attached photos and plexiglass the stained wood with tabs that she cut out from leftover sheet metal.  What a unique and beautiful way to display photos!


Click over to Little House of Four to get a full tutorial on this project.

Antlers, Pallets, and a Picture Frame

At her blog, Roubinek Reality, Jamie admits that she had antlers in her house before they were cool.  Married to a hunter, “I fought it for a long time and had rules about where they could be hung and how many. But recently, his antler collection he’s had in the garage has started to grow on me,” she explains.


Jamie decided to put her own spin on a set of antlers.  She grabbed some pallet wood that she had on hand and used it to make a canvas.  Jamie spray painted the antlers white, and attached them to the front of her pallet wood canvas.  The finishing touch was hanging a burlap covered canvas beneath the antlers, with a picture of her little girl pinned to it.  It’s a fun and interesting addition to Jamie’s gallery wall.


Get all the details on this project by visiting Roubinek Reality.

Adorable Scrap Wood Picture Frames

Juggling Act Mama shared these darling picture frames made by Katie from View From The Fridge.  Katie came up with an inexpensive and fun way to make them out of scrap wood.


To create the frames, Katie cut different lengths from popular board leftover from installing new trim in her house.  She used simple dowels in the back of the pieces of wood to keep them upright.  Pretty pieces of scrapbooking paper decoupaged onto the wood added color and pattern.  Katie attached clips and clothespins onto the wood to hold pictures, so that they can be easily switched out.  Super cute!


Get all the details on how to make these frames at Juggling Act Mama.

Valentine Decor from Halloween Decor

This timely makeover comes from Jill of Create.Craft.Love.  Back in the fall, Jill had crafted a darling picture frame for Halloween.  Fast forward a few months, and she’s ready to do the same for Valentine’s Day.  But did she need to go get a new frame?  Nope!

Create Craft Love frame before

Since the first frame was decorated with washi tape–which doesn’t have the greatest adhesive qualities–Jill was able to un-decorate it.  Once she had a bare frame, Jill pulled out more washi tape that had the right look for Valentine’s Day, and covered the frame again!  With a few added embellishments, she’s been able to use the same frame to decorate for two distinctly different holidays.  Way to go, Jill!

Create Craft Love frame after

You can get more information on making an embellished picture frame like this one at Create.Craft.Love.