Valentine Decor from Halloween Decor

Create Craft Love frame before

This timely makeover comes from Melanie of Create.Craft.Love.  Back in the fall, Melanie had crafted a darling picture frame for Halloween.  Fast forward a few months, and she’s ready to do the same for Valentine’s Day.  But did she need to go get a new frame?  Nope!

Create Craft Love frame before

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Wall Art Re-Do

Sweet Parrish Place picture before

At Sweet Parrish Place, Nicki found an art print at Goodwill that she liked for $3.  Although the price was right and the art was cool, Nicki wasn’t as excited about the frame.  Time for a re-do!

Sweet Parrish Place picture before

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DIY Holly Wreath

Cleverly Inspired frame before

Tracie of Cleverly Inspired shows us how she crafted a gorgeous Christmas wreath using things she already had on hand:  an old, empty picture frame and some pretty seasonal clippings from her yard.

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Dictionary Page Matting

Amy from Junque Chic 5 got this mondo-sized frame from a friend who was downsizing her home. The first thing that had to go was the oil painting of snowcapped mountains! Next up was tackling the gold frame… Bye bye dry brushed gold, hello bright and bold orange! Amy was able to reuse the canvas {…Read More…}

Photo Display Racks

Amanda from Kuzak’s Closet brought home a pair of fruit drying racks from an estate sale she had worked at. They had a nice weathered look from years of being stored in a barn loft. Amanda’s plan for the racks was to create a photo display that would allow her to hang multiple photos at {…Read More…}

Picture Frame Shelf

Old frames are one of those things that thrift stores and garage sales never to seem to be lacking. However, you may not even need to make a trip to the thrift store if you’ve got a couple stashed in your closet… or just so happen to find some disposed of in a drain by {…Read More…}

Framed Message Board

Heidi from My Beautiful Mess snatched up this ugly and outdated topiary art print from her mom’s Goodwill pile. Although Heidi had never liked the “foofy schmoofy” art, the frame had some serious potential. Heidi repainted the frame and then replaced the art with corkboard tiles and fabric. Bye bye topiary print! The once disliked {…Read More…}

Window Picture Frame


Lindsay from Diary of a Crafty Lady picked up this great old window from the side of the road. It was in excellent condition, by far the best of Lindsay’s collection of old windows. Lindsay had seen windows turned into frames with multiple small pictures inside but it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. Instead she {…Read More…}