Picture Frame Chalkboard

If you are yet to jump on the DIY chalkboard bandwagon, here is another project to get you going! Amy from Junque Chic 5 found this hapless piece of framed art while out junking.

picture frame to chalkboard

The outdated gold frame is now a bold red with black glaze and the floral print has been replaced by piece of wood with chalkboard finish. My favorite part is Amy’s idea to decoupage the original matting with dictionary pages. I love the cut of the mat and how the print looks with the red and black.

diy chalkboard from picture frame

Check it out at Junque Chic 5.

Wine Cork Tray

For those of you who have been saving up those wine corks, Lisa from Shine Your Light shares another fun upcycle project. Lisa’s project also makes use of an old, awkwardly shaped picture frame she had on hand.

old frame to tray

Lisa backed the frame with plywood and then added her corks in a carefully planned design to make a tray. My very favorite part is that many of the images and logos have some form of sentimental meaning to Lisa, from the nickname of a close friend to the year her last kiddo was born. Isn’t it cool that one piece of décor can trigger so many memories?

wine cork tray

Check out the details at Shine Your Light.