Piano Bench Makeover

Sara from Thrifty Treasures had a piano bench that had seen better days.  She also had a sample can of paint in a bright coral color that she was interested in using.  Since Sara usually gravitates towards softer colors, she wanted to try that bright coral on something small, first.  The old piano bench was a perfect opportunity.

Thrifty Treasures bench before

The coat of coral pink was just the pick-me-up color that this bench needed.  Sara took it a step further and added a touch of glam with a shiny, gold Morrocan-inspired stencil.  Completed, the once dowdy bench is now an exotic glamour girl!

Thrifty Treasures bench after

You can read more about this makeover at Thrifty Treasures.

Lyric Piano Bench

Lori from Bleak 2 Unique picked up a free piano a while back but ended up passing it on to another DIYer. However, she couldn’t bring herself to let go of the bench. Who doesn’t love a good bench, mostly a sturdy wood one that can easily be made beautiful once again?

refabbed piano bench before

The bottom of the bench got some homemade chalk paint love and the top a new cushy drop cloth seat. Lori gave it a personal touch by adding lyrics from some her family’s favorite songs. I love how she made it meaningful to them and will now smile whenever she reads those special words.

refabbed bench after

Check it out at Bleak 2 Unique.