Schoolhouse Chair Dog Feeding Station

“Being DIY/crafters we often run into situations where people have old furniture that they just“knew’ we could do something with,” laughs Jaque at The DIY Village.  These schoolhouse chairs came to her in just such a situation.  She had no clue what she was going to do with them until her sister mentioned that her collie would really love a raised feeding station.


That was Jaque’s lightbulb moment.  She sanded down the old finish on two of the chairs and a cut dog bowl-sized circle in the center of each seat.  She refinished the chairs with a new stain and added the words “drink” and “eat” to each chair.  Dollar store mixing bowls fit perfectly into the spaces provided, finishing off the perfect feeding station for dogs with discerning tastes.


Want to find out how to make a feeding station of your own?  Click over to The DIY Village.

Doll Bed Repurposed

Dede of Designed Decor was wandering through the aisles of her local Salvation Army when she spotted a wooden doll bed.  Instead of thinking what a great bed it would make for dolls, Dede–who has a puggle–thought what a cute bed it would make for pets!

Designed Decor pet bed before

At home, she sanded it down and experimented with a new painting technique.  (Small projects like this are perfect for such experiments.)  Dede made a pretty little cushion for the mattress, and had herself a bed any small pet would be more than happy to own.

Designed Decor pet bed after

You can read more about this project and Dede’s painting technique at Designed Decor.

Kitty Litter Cabinet

Lisa of Recaptured Charm had been waiting for a cabinet just like this one. A cabinet covered with cracks, warped, and filled with holes? Yep! That’s right! Lisa had plans for this cabinet that most would never think of.

Old cabinet to litterbox before

Lisa had me in suspense as to her mystery purpose for this cabinet all the way until the end of her post. At first, it looks just like an ordinary old cabinet. That is until you take a peek inside! When you have a cat, there is always that difficult question of where to keep the litter box, and this is such a creative solution!

Old cabinet to litterbox after

Check it out at Recaptured Charm.

Coca Cola Dog Bowl Crate

Katie and Jon of Sew Woodsy shared at Pretty Handy Girl how they turned an old soda crate into a very cool dog bowl holder. Apparently, their neighbor’s dog enjoyed carrying his bowl around the house in his mouth, and this crate was enlisted to put an end to his antics.


Jon cut a wood inset to fit snugly inside the crate and then holes for the bowls to rest in. He mimicked the distressed red finish of the crate to finish it off. It looks like it’s pooch-approved, and the dishes are still in place {wink}!

coca cola crate dog bowl holder

Head over the Pretty Handy Girl for the tutorial.

Platform Dog Bed

Inspired by other fantastic repurpose projects, Tammy from Southern Flair Crafts had been waiting to find the perfect curbed items for her own creation. Her first find included a twin headboard and footboard that were free for the taking.

footboard to dog bed

Tammy had been wanting to build a special bed for her rescued pooch Tucker, so this was just the jumpstart she needed to get the project rolling. Tammy pieced together the bottom halves of the headboard and footboard with some other wood to create this cozy, raised bed. It looks like a little doggie throne!

headboard and footboard to dog bed

Check it out at Southern Flair Crafts.

Secretary Desk Pet Station

Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating got this old secretary desk from a neighbor. Kristi’s vision for this piece demonstrates her extraordinary ability to think outside the box. It not only qualifies as one of her favorite DIY projects but also landed her a feature in the New York Times. Now that’s impressive!

Old Secretary Desk Before

Being a feline lover, Kristi transformed the desk into a cat pet station complete with storage space, food and water dishes, and a cozy bed. Kristi loves that this piece is both “pretty AND practical.”  If I were a cat, I would definitely want to go live with Kristi!

pet station completed full

Find the detailed tutorial at Addicted 2 Decorating.