Doll Bed Repurposed

Dede of Designed Decor was wandering through the aisles of her local Salvation Army when she spotted a wooden doll bed.  Instead of thinking what a great bed it would make for dolls, Dede–who has a puggle–thought what a cute bed it would make for pets!

Designed Decor pet bed before

At home, she sanded it down and experimented with a new painting technique.  (Small projects like this are perfect for such experiments.)  Dede made a pretty little cushion for the mattress, and had herself a bed any small pet would be more than happy to own.

Designed Decor pet bed after

You can read more about this project and Dede’s painting technique at Designed Decor.

Kitty Litter Cabinet

Lisa of Recaptured Charm had been waiting for a cabinet just like this one. A cabinet covered with cracks, warped, and filled with holes? Yep! That’s right! Lisa had plans for this cabinet that most would never think of.

Old cabinet to litterbox before

Lisa had me in suspense as to her mystery purpose for this cabinet all the way until the end of her post. At first, it looks just like an ordinary old cabinet. That is until you take a peek inside! When you have a cat, there is always that difficult question of where to keep the litter box, and this is such a creative solution!

Old cabinet to litterbox after

Check it out at Recaptured Charm.