Patriotic Window Shutter


Kim tells us, “I have had three old shutters hanging out in my “junk” pile in my garage for the past 2 years.” She recently upgraded one of those plain shutters into a piece of flag wall art, just in time for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. The two-year wait was well worth it, as you can see at her blog Too Much Time on My Hands.

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Tin Can Stilts

I know my son would have a blast with these patriotic stilts made out of tomato cans from Family Fun. For a six-year-old I am sure half the fun would be puncturing the can and watching all the tomato sauce ooze out {giggle}! While Family Fun suggests this activity as a Fourth of July craft, {…Read More…}

Wood Pallet Flag

When Michelle from Sweet Something Designs saw a pallet sitting curbside in her very own neighborhood, she excitedly asked her husband to go snag it for her. While the owner may have seen a piece of trash, Michelle saw a perfectly good piece of wood that needed rescuing. Since the Fourth of July was right {…Read More…}