No Sewing Needed for Bandanna Table Runner

We’re still going strong with the patriotic summer makeovers–there are just so many great ones to choose from! Today’s rescue comes from Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, who realized recently that with company coming over she probably ought to change out her Easter decor “to something more appropriate for Summer and the upcoming holidays.” Some leftover bandannas from a previous project fit the bill!



Jamie took three bandannas from her leftovers,  cut them “into 4 equal pieces and laid them out into a pleasing pattern.” Once arranged, she used hem tape and a hot iron to assemble her table runner–beginning with rows of two, then “hemming” those rows together. Then Jamie did a final 1/2 inch hem of the outer sides to even everything up. She chose to make a narrow runner because, as she says, “my kids are messy.” (Smart thinking.) This quick project packs a great visual punch!

no-sew-table-runnerFind out how to make your own no-sew runner at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.


Rag Ribbon Garland for Summer Holidays

Michele blogs at The Scrap Shoppe, and she has a great no-sew way to use up some of the fabric scraps in your stash! Michele loves summer decorating, and keeps her stuff up “from Memorial Day to Labor Day.” Her red white & blue rag ribbon garland definitely has me feeling patriotic, but I’m also thinking about other color combinations that would look great throughout the year!


After she gathered up her fabrics (you can use ribbon too!) Michele cut them all into 15″ lengths. Then she started making strips. She looped each strip carefully around a length of twine, using a tricky technique to make sure the back sides of the fabric strips remained hidden. Michele says, “I added the strips in no particular order, only following a red then white then blue pattern.” I loved the way this turned out!



See how Michele created this garland at The Scrap Shoppe.

Red White & Blue Colored Rice Jars

I will never get tired of seeing new mason jar ideas! This one came from Cheryl at Tidy Mom. She is using colored rice and candles to add patriotic flair to this season’s get-togethers. Cheryl says, “I love how simple and pretty they look during the day and even better when glowing on a summer night at dusk.” I bet you probably already have all the ingredients for this super-quick decoration!


Cheryl separated her rice and mixed in red and blue food coloring. After letting the rice dry, she layered the three different rices inside her mason jars. Then you just gently add a votive or tea light and you’re done! Not only is it simple and fast, it would be a great craft to do with kids. Bonus tip: “Place the top on the jars and store away in between parties or for next year!”

patriotic-rice-mason-jars-red-white-blueVisit Tidy Mama for the complete instructions.


Patriotic Window Shutter

Kim tells us, “I have had three old shutters hanging out in my “junk” pile in my garage for the past 2 years.” She recently upcycled one of those plain shutters into a piece of flag wall art, just in time for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. The two-year wait was well worth it, as you can see at her blog Too Much Time on My Hands.

Shutter-upcycle-projectAfter giving the shutter a coat of white spray paint, Kim printed out a star template. Starting at the bottom, she painted on the white stripes, then “left a nice area at the top for my blue and star.” After tracing around the star and then painting with blue, she used two clear coats of spray paint to give her new flag a bit of weather-proofing. I definitely think this new flag deserves a salute!


Check out Too Much Time on My Hands for the complete tutorial.

Tin Can Stilts

I know my son would have a blast with these patriotic stilts made out of tomato cans from Family Fun. For a six-year-old I am sure half the fun would be puncturing the can and watching all the tomato sauce ooze out {giggle}!


While Family Fun suggests this activity as a Fourth of July craft, these stilts could obviously be decorated and enjoyed anytime of year. You could even take it a step further and have each member of your family make a pair and then compete in stilt races in the yard.


Find out how to make your own stilts at Family Fun.

Wood Pallet Flag

When Michelle from Sweet Something Designs saw a pallet sitting curbside in her very own neighborhood, she excitedly asked her husband to go snag it for her. While the owner may have seen a piece of trash, Michelle saw a perfectly good piece of wood that needed rescuing.


Since the Fourth of July was right around the corner, Michelle decided to give the pallet a patriotic spin. Michelle and her husband took apart the pallet and then reassembled it with some scrap wood to create a rectangle. Michelle used her paints to create a red, white, and blue beauty to adorn her front porch.

Pallet Flag 

Go to Sweet Something Designs for the tutorial.