DIY Rustic Arrow

Scavenger Chic's Joan loves working with pallet wood so much that she started to panic as her stack of pallets dwindled. Luckily, she found three pallets leaning up against a dumpster, so she was back in business! Check out her latest pallet project.

Finding Love: a Trail Sign

Amy shared this craft at Stow & Tell U for Valentine's Day. Her version of this is definitely geared for that holiday, but this is a concept that you could adapt for any holiday or event--it would be super cute at a wedding, actually. Amy crafted her version using scraps of pallet wood.

Pallet Wood Wall with Floating Shelves

At Ellery Designs, Michelle was trying to convince her husband that they needed some floating shelves on their dining room wall when he said he thought those shelves would look better against a background of rustic wood. "I have to admit I wasn’t totally sold on the idea," Michelle admits, "but let him run with it and now I can say I’m totally obsessed!" For this project, her husband used wood pallets that they already had.

Beachy Pallet Project

"My sweet and amazing husband surprised me with some pallets out in our garage," says Courtney fondly at Crafts By Courtney. "Who needs flowers when you get a pile of pallets to craft with!" Who indeed? Courtney's first project was to add a little bit of the beach to her Florida home.

Perfect Picture Frames from Pallets

"I am knee deep in a garage, mudroom and kitchen addition," says Katie from Little House of Four. "Each week we've had a few deliveries, which all resulted in pallets full of material being delivered to the house." She's been using all that pallet wood to make useful and beautiful things for her home. Her latest project is turning pallet wood into picture frames.
Designed Decor clock before

Tick Tock…It’s a Pallet Wood Clock

Over at Designed Decor, DeDe has been working on taking apart the pallets she had stashed in her backyard.  "The pallets I had were pretty beat up and a lot of the boards were not in good shape, so I just cut them, and had a bunch of 12 to 18 inch boards," she tells us.  Faced with a pile of short boards to reuse, Dede came up with this clock project. Designed Decor clock before
The Golden Sycamore mirror and pallet before

Pallet Wood + Pretty Frame = Pure Fall Goodness

Allison of The Golden Sycamore has had some pallets sitting in her driveway that she'd been meaning to repurpose.  "Since we also have lots of furniture and random accessories in our basement, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone," Allison tells us.  "I took this large mirror that we weren’t using and a pallet to create an art display for our living room." The Golden Sycamore mirror and pallet before
Our Pinteresting Family belts before

Old Pallets + Old Belts = Something Special

Over at Our Pinteresting Family, Meghan shares another great use for pallet wood.  "We had a few pallets left in the garage from last summer. I mentioned to Rob that it may be time to find them a new home or put them on Free-cycle."  Rob, however, had a better idea, that included upcycling the pallets and some old belts from Meghan's closet. Our Pinteresting Family belts before