Which Way Did This Dresser Makeover Go?

Well, it’s easy to figure that out, because this dresser is full of maps!  Karen from The Salvaged Boutique rescued this dresser from the curbside on garbage day.  Although it had sustained some minor damage, she knew that it could be repaired and restyled.


After repairing one dresser drawer, Karen applied a couple coats of chalk paint and distressed the paint a bit.  She lined the drawers and decoupaged street maps onto the sides of the drawers. “In order to save on hardware, which can get expensive, I decoupaged wooden knobs with street maps too!” Karen tells us.  I love that shade of turquoise!


Get details on the full makeover at The Salvaged Boutique.

Old Frame Becomes a Blooming Wreath

Looking for a fresh new look for her front door decor, Cindy of Little Miss Celebration was inspired by the silk peonies that she spotted at her local craft store.  She thought of a unique way to display them right there, on the spot.  She just needed to withdraw a frame from her collection of old ones that is gathering dust.


After Cindy repainted the frame, she attached floral wire netting to the back.  She filled the pocket (created by the floral wire) with the beautiful peonies from the craft store.  A cute banner across the top of this rectangular wreath completes the project.  Isn’t it beautiful?


Check out the tutorial for this pretty wreath at

Mid Century Modern Nightstand Makeover

Ashley of Domestic Imperfection was 41.5 weeks pregnant when she decided that something had to be done about these nightstands.  They’d been languishing in their dated state since she’d hauled them home two years ago….but when that nesting instinct kicks in, watch out!


A two-tone finish was what Ashley envisioned for her mid century mod nightstands.  She sanded and primed them, then stopped to go have that baby!  Ashley’s husband finished things up by restaining the drawer fronts, and painting the rest of the wood a sophisticated shade of blue.  Stunning!


Find out more about the makeover (including the paint color) at Domestic Imperfection.

What Could Have Been a Tear Down Becomes a Guest Cottage

Usually the rescues I feature are at least small enough to haul home in a truck.  This one, on the other hand, is a bit bigger than that!  When Angie at Knick of Time purchased her home, this old outbuilding was on the property.  She tells us, “A woman who grew up in our home, came for a visit last year, and she said they told their dad years ago, that he should tear the old building down – that’s how old and run-down it was.”


Spoiler alert:  Angie kept the building.  Needing extra room for an office and guests, she and her husband decided that instead of tearing it down, they would fix it up.  They made repairs to both the inside and the outside of the building, so that it would be snug, not drafty.  Next, they painted the interior and added fun touches like galvanized steel wall coverings.  Lacy curtains, vintage linens, and rustic furnishings (many of them restored by Angie) fill the cottage and make it a delightful place to spend time.  What an amazing rescue!


Click over to Knick of Time to get all the details on how this old shed became a new cottage.

Rolling In Style: a Metal Cart Makeover

“We rescued a vintage metal cart from heading to a landfill!” exclaims Kathy at The Salvaged Boutique.  One of their favorite Craigslist sellers said that she’d toss the cart if it didn’t go home with Kathy or her sister Karen, so they rescued it.


“A burlap coffee bean sack inspired this project and the color scheme,” Kathy said.  “I spray painted the vintage metal cart, recycled the burlap bag and used decoupage to adhere it to the lower shelf. We upcycled pallet wood and reused vintage pulls to create a portable serving tray.”  Accessorized with everything necessary to make a quick cup of coffee, the cart is perfect coffee station, now!


Click over to The Salvaged Boutique to get all the details on this metal cart makeover.

Beautiful Buffet Makeover

“One day, as I was driving the car, I saw this dismantled dresser on the pavement in front of a house along with other rubbish,” Camille begins her rescue story at Gustave & Voltaire.  “I stopped and rang the doorbell to ask if I could take it, but it was so big it didn’t fit into my car. So the owner offered to deliver it to me in his truck!”  Rescue AND delivery?  Why, yes, please!


It took a couple of years and a move to a new house before Camille got the courage to reassemble and refinish this piece.  She had only seen it in flat panels up to that point, so imagine her pleasure when it turned into a gorgeous french buffet!  “The wood was damaged on top, but a bit of elbow grease and some white paint, and it’s now restored to its full glory!” Camille says happily.


If you’d like to find out more about the makeover process, visit Gustave & Voltaire.

From Curbside to Patio

Virginia of Fynes Designs had been striking out when it came to patio furniture.  She’d waited until she could find one that she could afford, but to her disappointment the one she bought turned out to be a lemon and had to be returned.  Bummer.  “One day, just after garbage clean up, one of my cousins landed on my door-step with a gem,” Virginia tells us.


At first glance, not many people would consider the old dining set from the curbside what Virginia terms “a gem”.  But her imagination went into hyper drive, and Virginia got to work.  She pulled off the old upholstery and painted table and chairs in summery shades of blue and green.  The chairs were reupholstered with beach-worthy fabric.  Virginia even had enough fabric left over to make place mats.  What a transformation!


Visit Fynes Designs to learn more about this table makeover.

Egg Carton Wreath for Spring

Inspired by all of the Easter egg crafts she’s been seeing, Claire of Huppie Mama thought to herself, “Well, instead of an egg craft, why don’t I make something with the egg cartons?”


Gathering her empty egg cartons, Claire went to work, and she even got her children to help, too!  First, she cut apart the egg cartons so that she had lots of little cardboard cups.  “Cut the edge of the cups to look like all different types of flowers,” Claire suggests.  Her children helped to paint the cardboard flowers with pretty pastel shades.  She used cardboard to make a wreath form, which she glued all of the flowers onto.  Cute!


See the tutorial for this family-friendly craft project at Huppie Mama.