Wood Magazine Holder


If you are a reader of magazines and catalogs like myself, you know it’s easy for your collection to become a bit of an eyesore without the proper storage. Anne from Pretty Lady Designs rescued a sturdy wooden box from Goodwill with just this thought in mind. Anne layered on turquoise and sage green paint {…Read More…}

Geometric Patio Chairs


Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts inherited a pair of old patio chairs when her mom was cleaning up her grandfather’s yard. She saw the potential beneath their seriously rusted out exteriors. I’m pretty impressed with the work of the rust-covering primer. The chairs now look nice and fresh. I love how Mandy added a geometric {…Read More…}

Metal Pedestal Bowl

Okay, so who’s still dying to see what else Susan from Homeroad made from the big ol’ lamp she got curbside? I know that I am loving Susan’s creative repurposes! Here’s a reminder of some of the lamp pieces Susan had after dissecting her specimen. Susan again combined several of the pieces with a rod {…Read More…}

Painted Vintage Dresser

Amanda from Tails & Typos rescued this vintage dresser from the alley behind her work. It was pretty beat up with strips of veneer coming off the top. However, even considering the dresser’s rundown condition, I am sure the find was still a pretty sweet start to Amanda’s workday. Here’s the dresser in all her {…Read More…}

Two Tone End Table

Allison from Fab Rehab Creations scored two end tables for free off Craigslist. One of the tables was in pretty rough shape, but Allison really loved the wood inlays and hoped to salvage them. She showed the top a lot of tender love and care, carefully sanding it so it could refinished in a dark {…Read More…}

Paint and Stain Desk

Allison from Fab Rehab Creations received her grandfather’s old desk when her parents decided to sell their vacation home. Allison knew she wanted to keep it for her own work space and give it an updated, two-tone look.   Allison refinished the top in dark walnut and painted the base a creamy white with some {…Read More…}

Game Storage Cabinet

Angela from My Inner Old Lady needed some storage for her children’s games. She turned to good old Craigslist and got a set of kitchen cabinets for free. They may not have been pretty but were huge and solid, which is all that really mattered! Angela added legs with scrap wood and then sanded, primed, {…Read More…}

Painted Bird Shelf

Fiona from Lilyfield Life was driving home from school drop off and saw this old TV cabinet on the side of the road. She came to a screeching halt and first tried to fit it into her car. When that failed, she ditched the car in the middle of the road to roll the cabinet {…Read More…}