Checkerboard Pattern Gives Deck a New Dimension


Nicki blogs over at Sweet Parrish Place. After having her husband power wash the deck for the summer season, Nicki decided it was still a little too ho-hum for her taste.

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Old Planter Revived as Cute Picnic Caddy


Over at Clean and Scentsible, Jenn had an old planter on her porch that she had perked up with paint two years before. But recently, she noticed that her planter was no longer adding a pop of color to her porch, due to rainwater damage.

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Chipped Garden Pots Become Beautiful Planters


Christy blogs at Our Southern Home. When spring arrived this year, she noticed that many of her garden pots were looking pretty sad due to the original paint chipping and flaking away.

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Worn Patio Chairs to Stylish Blue Deck Furniture


Over at Creative Ramblings, Sarah’s deck needed a facelift for the summer. Since she had two sturdy plastic chairs in need of a little love, Sarah freshened them up to give her deck the perfect touch.

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Pretty Tin Can Vertical Planter


Add Grow Creative, Elise decided that while she wanted additional planters to add foliage and color to her deck, she didn’t need them to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of floor space. The solution? A vertical planter made from recycled materials.

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Forgotten Mirrors Get a Style Upgrade


When April from House By Hoff spotted Pottery Barn’s rope mirrors, she was smitten. Imagine her delight when she rediscovered some circular mirrors down in her own basement, and realized she could make her own version of the Pottern Barn mirrors!

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A Lighter, Brighter Wicker Chair


Sometimes a piece of furniture is fine as it is….other than it just doesn’t look right in the space you have for it. That was the problem with this wicker chair in a corner of Christina’s bedroom. “My inner battle was that the chair’s finish was pretty as-is. It just didn’t go with the room,” she tells us on her blog, Operation Home.

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Stylish Side Tables Started as Paint Buckets


“If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know I have an addiction for recycling old paint buckets,” says Ama at OhOh Blog. But when you see the stylish side tables she’s going to show you, you’ll have a hard time believing that they started out as paint buckets!

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