Wood Chair with Padded Seat

Amidst a big project, Faye from MacGIRLver needed a little “instant gratification” and decided to spruce up a chair she originally had no intention of keeping. Plain. Brown. Nothing to get too excited about.

chair makeover before

Faye coated it with the same gray chalk paint she’d whipped up for her previous desk makeover and then made the chair a soft place to land with a piece of foam she’d saved from packaging {love that!) and some patterned fabric. When it was all said and done, Faye realized the chair would be the perfect companion for her gray and white desk. Don’t you just love it when a project comes together?

chair makeover

Check out the entire transformation and see Faye’s desk and chair together at MacGIRLver.

Painted Wood Chair

Nicole from De tout, de rien got this chair through a bulk pickup program in her city. Pretty much, everyone sets their junk out by the street free for the taking, and what doesn’t get snatched up heads for the landfill. Sounds like a dream for a roadkill rescuing gal like myself!

curbside chair before

Nicole covered up the chair’s original artistry with some crisp white paint and then painted the word “Sit” onto the seat. I love the fresh, clean look, especially considering it’s previous condition. It definitely invites you to sit and rest awhile.

curbside chair after

Get the details at De tout, de rien.

Red Metal Chair

Rachelle from Adventures in Creating snatched up this old chair when her neighbors threw it to the curb. It was rusted and bent out of shape.

rusted chair

Rachelle bent it back easily but unfortunately snapped one of the rusted legs in the process. Gah! Her frustration was quickly replaced by excitement, as Rachelle realized this was the perfect opportunity to pull out her welder. She was able to repair the leg and then gave the chair a shiny new coat of red paint. Wait until Rachelle’s neighbors see their rusted chair now in all its vintage chic fabulousness!

red metal chair

Read more at Adventures in Creating.

Distressed Turquoise Chair

Jenna from SAS Interiors nabbed this chair from the side of the road for a client’s master bedroom she is currently redesigning. It was a bit icky and in need of a makeover when Jenna found it.

chair before

After removing the seat and sanding down the chair, Jenna was excited to try out a shade of turquoise spray paint she’d been eyeing for some time. After painting, she glazed it using a mixture of brown paint and water and then did a little sanding. With a newly upholstered seat, the chair was so lovely Jenna would have loved to keep it for herself. I am loving that color and wouldn’t mind having it for myself too!

turquoise chair

Get the complete tutorial at SAS Interiors.

Red Upholstered Chair

If you do a lot of entertaining during the holidays, limited seating may be a problem that rears its ugly head every year. Allison from Fab Rehab Creations shares a great secret for scoring extra seating on the cheap. She got this wood chair with rush seat for free from Craigslist. Sure, a dog had apparently used it as a chew toy, but Allison says she was going for an “aged look” anyway!


Allison’s sweet father-in-law cut a new seat out of wood which Allison upholstered with some ticking stripe fabric. She painted the chair red using a free paint sample and then glazed it. For a grand total of $1.59 for the thrift store fabric, Allison has extra seating that can be used both during the holidays and year-round.


Check it out at Feb Rehab Creations.