Fall Leaf Garland

If you need “a really, really, REALLY quick DIY for Thanksgiving,” Katie at Love Paper Paint has you covered. She’s showing us how to make some two gorgeous decorations with fall leaves and a few leftover Halloween pumpkins.


Katie loves decorating for the holidays, but says she tries to stick to “items we’ve saved from previous years or things I find around the house. And it has to be something I can throw together quickly.” She spent ten minutes on each project, so I’d say this for sure meets the “quick” criteria. Katie transformed the pumpkins with gold duct tape (fancy!!!) and created the garland with her magnolia leaves.


See more pictures and get even more ideas at Love Paper Paint.

Window Hat Rack

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue loves to incorporate old windows into her home décor. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on an old window of your own, Shari suggests checking out “vintage stores, Habitat ReStores, Craigslist  and your local recycling center.”


Shari turned this particular window into a unique greeting for her guests. She added some cast iron hooks and then painted on a “simple and playful” greeting with a paint pen. I love working with vintage items like this window because you don’t have to work to add character. It’s already there!


Check out Shari’s new hat rack at Turnstyle Vogue.